Friday, November 20, 2009

A Dandy Giveaway!

Welcome friends coming over from A Dandy Giveaway. Please leave a comment to say hi and tell me what you like/don't like about my art, blog, etc... I thank you for all the sweet comments I already saw over at! I hope you all will become followers because I do giveaways a lot, as well as offer discounts and specials for my followers! Become a fan on Facebook too for even more fun stuff that is to come soon!

Dandy Giveaway

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dang Gina Reviews Initial Designs

Click on the link to go read what Dang Gina had to say about her painting for her son. I am so relieved that she liked it and gave it a good review!

What do you think of Initial Designs and our paintings? If you could review one that you have received or have just seen on here, tell me what you think! Give me some feedback on my art or my blog in general. I am trying to attract more customers and readers and want to know what kinds of things you want to see here on the blog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I LOVE a Good Giveaway!!

I think I had the date wrong for my giveaway...check it out tomorrow and just check it out anyways. Laurie's Mom-preneur Shops are giving away 2 things day through the end of the week and all you have to do is leave a comment! Get to commenting!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Just Can't Stop!!!!!!

GIVING AWAY STUFF!!!!!!!! I really do like to do giveaways and hope in some small way to bless the winner. So tomorrow is the giveaway at TipJunkie and then Friday/Saturday I will be featured and giving away another painting over at

Dandy Giveaway

So, click on the link and go check it out on Friday/Saturday!

Gifts in Time for Christmas

I have had a few people mention to me that they may have me doing something for a loved one for Christmas. I have touched base with a few of you and gotten some details, but I was looking at the calendar and kind of got freaked out! We are less than 6 weeks away from Christmas and allowing shipping time, we really only have about 4 weeks to get going on these orders. So, if you are still interested in having a piece done and delivered by Christmas go ahead and get in touch with me now so I can get started. I would be absolutely honored to do a piece as a gift for any one of my readers! As a Christmas present to all of you, I will continue my 15% off discount from now until December 16th. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Giveaway Info

Don't forget that tomorrow I will be giving a painting away as a part of...

Go check it out!!

Next, I started a giveaway here on my blog 2 weeks ago and got a whopping 6 comments, so I figured instead of extending the contest, I would just pick from these people because most all of them have become good friends by always leaving comments, having been past customers, I am keeping their chances good. The winner is commenter #6, Cassie Kinghorn-Congrats to her!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taking Some Initiative

Ok, so I thought I could just sit back and relax, maybe do an expo here and there, email a friend, etc...and my business would eventually take off, but no, it's been slow going. I've been trying just to pay my dues and be patient, but now I am taking some additional measures to promote my business! Today I created a Facebook page for my business and even designed an ad! I'm hoping to get this puppy in gear. I've always worried that if I had too much business that painting would feel like work and then I wouldn't be able to be creative, but I've realized, I paint better under pressure. So, if we are friends on Facebook, please become a fan. If you are a follower on here, remember to sign up for emails when I post as well (in the upper left hand corner of the blog). If you're feeling froggy, tell a friend about me. I'll give you both a 10% discount for referring a friend. Also, I am going to diversify. I am going to start having seasonal sets and special line that remembers friends and family we've lost, people in the military, and mostly spiritual paintings and products. Next, I plan on adding some additional lines that include possibly painting on different backgrounds such as wood or in different media such a watercolor/oil, etc... If you don't see if on here and want it (which has always been my way) let me know and I'll try it! I want to be the place to go to get hand-painted, unique, and custom art for every occasion or non-occasion, for that matter!

Thanks so much to all of you who have thus far supported me and my business with your supportive words, orders, and kindness! You all are amazing and were put in my life by God and keep me going!

Peace, Love, and Joy! My Wishes for You All!

Ok, so it dawned on me yesterday that although fall will still be here for a while, people will want to start decorating for Christmas not long after Thanksgiving which is 2 weeks from tomorrow. So, while the Fall set and the Give Thanks paintings are still available, I have painted a winter/Christmas set. I am terrible at taking pictures and capturing the beauty of the paintings, but I really like these. The cool thing is like the others can they can be hung in various ways or sat on a mantle/shelf, but these can also be separated since they go well together or express a simple thought/wish all by themselves. While the words have so much meaning, the pictures are playful and fun. I hope you all like this set. I spent quite a bit of time on these, so they will be $45 for the set of 3 6x6 inch canvases (these cost about $10 each just for the canvas), but the 15% off is still in effect until Monday, so order quickly so you can get them right away before the rush.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drumroll Puh-lease!!

I finally reached the "final draft", so to speak, of the new FALL set I have been working on... I have taken pictures of the paintings in various formations so you can see how versatile they are. I decided I did not like the small letters on the canvases and the only way to make bigger letters without covering up the leaves was to do this technique where the colors interchange as the lines are crossed. I also painted corresponding smaller leaves on the edges of the canvas to give them some additional spunk. I like spunky artwork! LOL!! These sets are for sale as of now for $40 because I had to take longer on them, but any orders between now and next Monday will receive the 15% off that I am offering during my giveaway.

By the way, the giveaway at is over at the winner was Lindsey. Congrats to Lindsey and thanks to Gina for allowing me to giveaway a painting on her blog.

Monday, November 9, 2009


So, here's what the FALL set will pretty much look like. I am considering changing the lettering on them, but I like the way the leaves turned out. I like the simplicity of them as well. I really don't want to add much else or cover up the leaves because that is what I love about the season are the variations if the leaves themselves and the distinct color changes. These are still wet, but I was just so excited about them! These would be great on a mantel or hung in a row sideways or up and down or in a square shape. That's why I like sets with multiple canvases because the possibilities are endless!

Ok, Change of Plans...

So, this morning I had a big idea to do a 3 piece set of 5x5's in addition to the "Give Thanks" painting. I went to look at canvas today and decided to get a 9 pack of 6x6's. I am posting a picture of the beginnings of a set that will say FALL (one letter on each canvas). I chose to paint each canvas a different shade of brown all the way to white. I still think I am going to do a leaf on each one, but I am not positive. I've gotten the backgrounds painted, so I will have time to think about exactly what I want to do to each one of them. These sets will now have to be $35-$40 due to the larger canvas size and having a 4 piece set instead of 3. I will also have to see how long it takes me to finish them. I thought about doing a Holiday set that would include a canvas for each major holiday, but where does one start/stop with that??!! I thought about just doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years, but right before that is Halloween and right after is Valentine's and Easter??!! So, back to just the FALL idea, but I do plan on offering a set at Christmas. Any interest in something like this as of now? I like them just plain with the grades of color!! LOL!! ;)


Give Thanks

Last night and this morning I had a canvas design in mind, so I got up early and painted this. The paint is actually still wet, that's why I took the picture from an angle. I also want to do a set of three 5x5 inch paintings with leaves on them with give thanks over one of the leaves. This is supposed to have the distressed, woodsy look that's why the letters and the border are actually both dark brown and a cream color. I will be selling these on 11x14's for $22 and the set of three that I will post this afternoon for $30 for the set (the smaller canvases cost more, go figure??). Remember, while my giveaway is going on, I am offering a 15% discount as well. So, let me know what you think about these and if anyone wants either Thanksgiving/Fall painting/set.

I love this time of year with the holidays and all the beautiful leaves falling down around us. I like this painting because it reminds me to be thankful and appreciative for all God has blessed me with. My grandpa as well as my aunt are both in very poor health and I am thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with them all my life and here recently. I pray for them and our entire family as the holiday season approaches. I am also thankful for all of you-my friends and family-for all your support and encouragement of me and my business. Without you all I would have not pursued my dreams. Thank you!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dang, Gina Gives Twice a Week...and I want in on it!

She is hosting a giveaway featuring a gorgeous little tutu from Their name says it all because they have some of the cutest little trendy tutus I have ever seen. I loved the "Finishing Touches" where they had all the little necessities to go with the tutu like the pink leopard print ballet slippers!! Go check it out and you can go to and enter the giveaway too!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Givin' It ALL Away!!!

It's Official! I am participating in the 12 Days of Junkie hosted by Laurie over at Tip Junkie. For twelve days, 2 sponsors will be giving a product away each day, so that's 24 giveaways in all! Click on the button and go check it out and get all the details. I am giving away a painting on Tuesday the 17th of November.

Don't forget Gina over at has a giveaway going on with a painting of mine now through net Monday the 9th.

Last, I still have my giveawy going on here until the 16th. So, go to my post "Dang Gina Gives! (and I do too) for the entry rules.

I think there have only been a few comments left on both Gina's and my blog for the giveaway, so your chances are very good to win!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Stuff!!

This is a reminder about the giveaway going on over at going on now until Monday the 9th as well as my giveaway here going on now through the 16th!

Also, I have informed Laurie over at Tip Junkie that I would like to participate in all the fun stuff she has going on including another giveaway, so I'll be keeping you posted on that!


click on this link to check out all the mom-preneurs who are participating in the Tip Junkie Shop-a-thon again this year. Please give your support to women who own their own businesses by making hand-made items to support their families. I know I will and hopefully I will be able to become a shop in the shop-a-thon as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giveaway Reminders and Update to Giveaway Rules

This is just a reminder that I have a giveaway going on right here from now until Nov 16 at noon. I will choose a winner randomly from the comments left on the post labeled Dang Gina Gives (and I do too) for a 12x16 inch painting worth $35-$40. I realized after I made the rules that not everyone has a blog to post about the contest, so if you do not have a blog, pinky promise (LOL!!) to tell a friend by mouth, email, Facebook, MySpace, etc... Now, I cannot check these things like I could a blog, but when you leave your comment, tell me which one you are committing to do and that will be good enough; I will believe you! Also, don't forget to go straight over to to enter her giveaway of a painting I donated. Her giveaway is going on now until next Monday, the 9th. Last, while both giveaways are going on, I am offering a 15% discount on any order placed and paid for during that time (before shipping costs). So, get to work so you can WIN!!!!!!!!

Brecken's painting with sea grass added.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Three Little Paintings...


Here are some updated pics of the 3 paintings I posted late last week. I have actually painted some sea grass down at the bottom of the Brecken painting, but now I can't get my computer to upload the pic, so I will post that one soon.

I mentioned this last post, but THE GIVEAWAY at and here STARTED TODAY AND WILL RUN THROUGH THE 8TH ON HER BLOG AND THE 16TH ON MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO.....GO PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Click on the link above to go over to Gina's blog and find out how to win a painting of mine through her blog. She will also be doing a review on the painting I am doing for her son. So, the GIVEAWAY IS ON BOTH HERE AND THERE. So, get to work and win some paintings for gifts for Christmas or for yourself!