Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dang Gina Reviews Initial Designs

Click on the link to go read what Dang Gina had to say about her painting for her son. I am so relieved that she liked it and gave it a good review!

What do you think of Initial Designs and our paintings? If you could review one that you have received or have just seen on here, tell me what you think! Give me some feedback on my art or my blog in general. I am trying to attract more customers and readers and want to know what kinds of things you want to see here on the blog.

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Kristin said...

That was a great review!

Well, I loved the paintings you did for my girl's teachers last year and they loved them too. What I loved is that I gave you just a few details and you came up with such unique and original concepts, especially since all 3 paintings were school spirit paintings, but they were all so unique. I even saw one of the teachers in the grocery store the other day (here it's been 6 months later) and she mentioned how cute the painting was.

I haven't been trying to ignore you about Christmas gifts, but I seriously cannot think of what I would have painted right now. I always do this....I can't even think of what to buy and I end up last minute going crazy. I think I want to do something for my Dad/Stepmom.....I'll have to think really hard this weekend about what I want and let you know on Monday. Have I mentioned I have the hardest time making decisions? LOL!!