Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black and White (and Granny Smith Apple too)

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bedding! I cannot say it enough. I am a huge fan of black and white anyways whether it's clothes for any season, decor, bedding, etc...but this bedding has it all! I adore the design and the way they did some subtle things so it's not just the 2 repeating/alternating patterns, etc... If I had a little girl, I would have this bedding...who knows, I may just go out and buy it and look at it! LOL!! Ok, you get the point! Here is the start and the plan is to do the other pattern in the other 3 squares and then I am going to white out a section in the middle, but it will be fairly transparent so the design will still show through and do the name in the accent color of the Glidden Granny Smith Apple.


More pics soon!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Cheer Up!" Charlie

Here is the Willy Wonka golden ticket style painting from start to finish. I like all paintings I get to do because, generally, it's something different every time, but these last few have been so completely different from anything I have ever done, I just sped right through them because they were so fun!

Maggie's Flower Garden

This is a painting a friend of mine requested and she showed me a picture she found that she liked. So, I changed a few things up and did the painting. This morning I was trying to locate a picture of the original painting to show you all and saw that this is by Jill McDonald who is an Oopsie Daisie Artist and is amazing. She has done all kinds of work for companies for bedding, cards, etc...she is super talented. So, this piece was inspired by one of hers that I can't seem to find and I can't seem to find the link my friend sent me originally to look at it...sorry. Here is how it progressed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Done and ...NOT Done (yet)...Installment #2 (Updated pics added!!!!)

Ok, here is the Deuteronomy 31:8 painting for my friend in Santa Ana, CA finished. I cleaned up the lettering and border, varnished it, and sent it off yesterday. Thanks, again, Angelica, for letting me use the other 2 paintings for my expo WAY back! Sorry this took so long to get to you!

Here is a very preliminary pic of the painting that will be in the Willy Wonka gold ticket style. The colors in the bedroom will be a "mint truffle" (mint green) and light blue, so I have softened the colors from the original picture I was given. I took several pics because the flash on a camera makes the colors wash out and if you don't use the flash the picture is foggy. I loved painting the bubbles and the candies! computer froze up while I was doing this post and I didn't get back in here to restart, this is how the painting looks now. I worked on it for a while yesterday and just loved it sooo much that I almost finished it! I've got to clean up the lettering a bit and do something to really make it "pop", but that's about it! Feelin' good! I'm about to go work on another one that I started the other day! I'll post pics soon!

Soon I will be starting a painting for THIS bedding and I am SOOOO excited!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Done and...NOT Done (yet)

Here is a final pic of the announcement canvas for Liam McGregor Simmons; I am about to go ship it in a little bit. I went with a strip of burlap-looking canvas for the top hanger and a dark brown ribbon for the canvas attachments. Can't wait to see it with all the baby's info!

Also, here is a VERY preliminary pic of a painting I am doing for a friend's daughter, Maggie. All the stems to the flowers are missing, which will fill in a lot of that empty space at the bottom. Also there will be some great butterflies and her name in the upper left area that is open in a ribbon-type cursive.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. I'm about to start two other paintings as well; one is a cool black and white pattern and the one I mentioned like Willy Wonka's ticket, so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to the World (soon), Brooklyn!

I posted a pic of the larger painting back while I was working on it, but couldn't post the two 9x12 inch bears because they were a surprise for my friend Amanda who is due on the 24th, but is about to pop any day now! She told me when I gave them to her that she had been searching for pics of bears to hang beside the painting and that just couldn't have worked out any better for the both of us! Congrats, Amanda!

I'll be posting some pics soon of the ones I am working on for Maggie and Charlie, so check back soon.

Just Gotta Brag...I Received 2 AWESOME Things Today!

First, I was checking my mail because a friend of mine took some pics of Preston and had dropped them off to me. Lissa at LG Photography (I'm not sure if she has a website, but I'll find out and update) took some awesome pics of Preston for his 3rd birthday. She did an amazing job and sent me pics as well as a DVD with a song along with the pictures that made me CRY MY EYES OUT!!! Oh, my little boy is growing up!!! Thank you to Lissa who is amazing at what she does!!

Next, I realized that I hadn't checked my mail from yesterday and I also got a necklace from Julia over at J. Jewels Designs... I won this awesome necklace through a contest she hosted through Chic Chik Media back for their Spring Fling. She let me choose from many wonderful designs and I liked this one and opted for my son, my husband, and my name on it. It's so beautiful! It looks just gorgeous on as well!


Check out these great, creative women!! Thanks to you both!! I've had a great afternoon thanks to you all!! :) God Bless!