Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Pics!

This is my friend, Nikki's, station at The Beauty Bar Salon & Boutique here in Smyrna; see her painting??!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gettin' It Done

Here are some paintings that I have been working on that are almost done. I got quite a bit of good painting done last night.

This one still needs another layer on the name and it will have some fun monkeys.

Jayla's is practically done. It's all cleaned up, but I think I am going to re-do the nose and then varnish.

This is for Jayla's baby sister, Aubrey, who took over her Love Bug room. This one need a bit of cleaning up on the edges, but is pretty much done.

This 3 piece set of damask swirls for my friend, Stephanie, for her new office at Fifth Third Bank here in Smyrna. I cleaned up the swirls last night with the cream color. Now, I just need to go back with the black and Clean them up a bit more and refine it a bit.
Should be back with some more pics here soon. Got several other paintings that I am about to get started on as well. God Bless!

So Thankful for Faithful Strokes

I am so blessed to Have met Lisa Butler, owner and artist of Faithful Strokes, about 2 years ago when I went to her studio to paint for a wedding shower. I spoke to her back then about my art business and she said if she ever expanded she would be in touch. Recently Faithful Strokes expanded from one store in Murfreesboro to a second store in Smyrna. She and I emailed back and forth and she asked me to assist with instructing some classes. I started going to some of her classes about a month ago. Had my trial run this past Wednesday with some friends and then my first class this past Saturday as an instructor. Things are going so well. I really feel like I fit in well there with Lisa and Lori, the other instructor. Thank you to the ladies at Faithful Strokes and Leslie, with Shine Ettiquette, for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. Check out for more information. They offer many different painting classes for adults and children. You do the painting along with the instructor and leave with your painting that day. You can have parties of all kinds there as well.

My trial run with friends on Wednesday, November 16th. Thanks to all those that participated; their paintings were awesome.

My first actual class with a church group on Saturday, November 19th. It went really well and all the ladies' paintings turned out great.This painting is the one I chose for my first class and it's a design of Lisa's called Merry Christmas Darling. I love this painting!This is a painting I went in and done with Lisa. Beautiful fall scene!This is a beautiful cross design of Lisa's that I went in and practiced with her and a class a few weeks ago.

I hope you all will go check out and check out all her designs and, if you are local, come visit a class. It has been awesome being a part of this awesome place.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun at Faithful Strokes

I wanted to tell you all about Faithful Strokes in Murfreesboro, TN. Lisa Butler is the artist there and designer of these two paintings. I painted these along with her and had a blast. Check out to see all her designs and sign up for a fun class with friends, family or co-workers. She does paintings for birthday parties, showers, team-building, children and much more. Host your next event with her and do something fun and different. You will walk out with a painting of your own that night to keep or give as a gift. Go check it out!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Updated Pics, monkeys, fairies, flowers, oh my

Tink still needs a little work on her face and the pixie dust is not quite finished, but this one's close.

Chloe got another layer and some cleaning up; bout to do some mini white dots in the brown areas to match the bedding.

This one is still very rough, but designed to match Love Bug bedding and Jayla's original one from where she was a baby. Jayla is now about to be 3 and Aubrey is her baby sister who took over her baby room; that's why I've got the Tink one going for Jayla.

Original Jayla one. I painted the faces on the monkeys, though, you really can't see it all that great in the pic, but I cleaned this one up too and it's about ready for delivery.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Been a Busy Bee...

Bad pic, but this was my set up at the consignment sale. Painted this in the hallway at my house...not quite done yet. This is above our front door on the inside.

This is a Southern Living at HOME 4 piece iron set that I traced the outlines, took them off, the painted behind to look like stained glass; I finished tonight. Gonna probably do some white lines to make it look like reflection.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New October Ad

Oct Ad
Click on the title or the link to be taken to so you can see the ad. Not sure why it won't embed.

My Own Stained Glass Window

This is a four-piece Southern Living at HOME set that is on my wall in my dining room. I traced the lines and am now in the process of painting it to look like a stained glass window. Can't wait until it's done.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Late Night and Early Morning Painting Prove Productive!

Haven't been able to sleep because I got a benedryl shot earlier for my allergies, so...I painted...

And painted...

And painted some more...

Tinkerbell and the monkeys still need faces, but are very close to being done. More pics soon. Getting really excited about the consignment sale Saturday where I'm going to be a vendor.

Monday, September 5, 2011

More pics and An Announcement

***NOTE: I'm having to take all pics in the kitchen under bright light with my webcam because my USB port is messed up so please forgive the quality of my pics :) ***
Here are some pics of some orders/gifts I am finishing. Trying to get alot done because I an a vendor at the Parents of Multiples Club's consignment sale at Middle Tennessee Christian School this coming Saturday, Sept 10th from 8-2. If you live in Middle TN, you should come out.
1 Corinthians 13 for my friends, Brandie and MT, who announced they are getting married Sept 23rd.

Here is an updated pic for my friend, Nikki, who works at The Beauty Bar here in Smyrna. It will have a martini glass with scissors and a comb on one side of the name as well as coloring bowl and brush on the other side to hang above her station.

Here is a placemat I am doing a painting of the design for my friend, Angie's, daughter Jayla.

Here is the painting itself. It's not quite done, but it's a start. FYI, I've painted for like 10 hours today! Whew, got a lot done!

Here's a close up of her slippers; see what I did on the puffy things on her slippers! So fun to paint.

Here is the updated Madden painting for my friend, Tiffany. The monkeys will have light brown faces and bellies when they are completely done.

The bedding and decals can be scene by clicking on the words. It's gonna be so cute when it's done.

I just want to say that the bedding pics and Tinkerbell belong to other people and only the paintings were made my me using their designs as inspiration.

Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting my business for almost 4 years now. October will be one year and I'm going to have a big party on here with a lot of giveaways! Tell your friends to stop by and become a follower.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin' pics



Gone...(almost to the owner, Nikki, to go above her station at The Beauty Bar here in Smyrna, TN. She did my hair and I absolutely love it!! I should tell you the lettering is not actually on the paiting yet; that is my practice lettering.

This set is almost done as well. I did the thinner lines around some of the shapes to make it look a little more classy and a little less elementary since eit is for an adult...LOL! That's not a shot at the owner; the pillow for the bedding is very cool and actually something I would pick for myself.

Here is the pillow to remind you...

Hope you like all the pics I've been posting lately. I will be back with DONE pics of all these very soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's the mural on the 8x12ft garage door...still working, but almost done.

This is a cornhole board (1 of 2) that I did for some friends.

Here is a picture of a utility box and lightswitch that is painted like the asian "window" picture below. My aunt wanted to hide/massk this giant utility box, so this is what she chose. Picture needs to be rotated; sorry.

This is what the "window" above will look like when it's complete.

Be back with more soon. Hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Check Out My Ad Through the Link or on Facebook


Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm So Excited...And I just Can't Hide it!!"

Today while doing marketing research for my full time job, I ran into an awesome opportunity to have a 1/2 page ad in a publication that goes out to 15,000 apartment residents in the middle Tennessee area. Look at what they came up with...

Yes, a terrible picture of it, I know, but they created the most beautiful 1/2 page laylout at Lewis Letterworks. As soon as I can either get this USB port fixed or figure out how to upload a PDF file, I will have a better pic. Same goes for the mural I am almost done with.

This is that painting I am doing for my friend; I was trying to capture the colors better, but still no luck. I wish you all could see how bright and beautiful these colors are.

This is a painting I did for my husband a while back and last night he said he thought I should post it. It's the police officer's prayer and that prayer is awesome. Please pray for those who protect our lives and freedoms everyday. Police, firemen/women, soldiers, those who support them and even those who make our world a better place like teachers, mothers and fathers, those who really intend on doing God's work and good works in the earth so we can live better while we are here.

Well, I'll be back soon with some more and BETTER pics! Have a blessed day! Truly!

Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Horizon...

Good morning everone...(all 3 of you, LOL!!!)

Here is a pic of a pic b/c my USB port is broken on my laptop of a 12x8 FOOT garage door I am painting a beach mural's not done yet, but will be soon and I will have good pics!

This is one I'm starting for a very good friend; may as well be family. Nikki, at Smyrna Beauty Bar, did my hair and as a thank you I am doing a painting for above her booth. It will be cool when it's done. A lil zebra print here and there, some whited out area in the middle, some cool saying...

This is my new haircut thanks to Nikki!!! :) Soooo very happy!

Here's a pic of my baby boy who just started pre-K. So sweet and such a blessing. I love my baby boy so very much. Thank you, God, for his life. car...that's all I gotta say 'bout that!

Painting I am working on for a friend...this will be done soon and will have more fun monkeys.

Here's a 3-piece set I have been working on for a while and actually stared over on...they will be done soon.

Ok, so I will be back very soon with more pics...

I'm planning on having a contest to see who can get the most # of friend/family referals over to my FB and Blog site soon...back with details. There will be a GOOD prize!