Friday, September 30, 2011

Updated Pics, monkeys, fairies, flowers, oh my

Tink still needs a little work on her face and the pixie dust is not quite finished, but this one's close.

Chloe got another layer and some cleaning up; bout to do some mini white dots in the brown areas to match the bedding.

This one is still very rough, but designed to match Love Bug bedding and Jayla's original one from where she was a baby. Jayla is now about to be 3 and Aubrey is her baby sister who took over her baby room; that's why I've got the Tink one going for Jayla.

Original Jayla one. I painted the faces on the monkeys, though, you really can't see it all that great in the pic, but I cleaned this one up too and it's about ready for delivery.

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