Monday, September 5, 2011

More pics and An Announcement

***NOTE: I'm having to take all pics in the kitchen under bright light with my webcam because my USB port is messed up so please forgive the quality of my pics :) ***
Here are some pics of some orders/gifts I am finishing. Trying to get alot done because I an a vendor at the Parents of Multiples Club's consignment sale at Middle Tennessee Christian School this coming Saturday, Sept 10th from 8-2. If you live in Middle TN, you should come out.
1 Corinthians 13 for my friends, Brandie and MT, who announced they are getting married Sept 23rd.

Here is an updated pic for my friend, Nikki, who works at The Beauty Bar here in Smyrna. It will have a martini glass with scissors and a comb on one side of the name as well as coloring bowl and brush on the other side to hang above her station.

Here is a placemat I am doing a painting of the design for my friend, Angie's, daughter Jayla.

Here is the painting itself. It's not quite done, but it's a start. FYI, I've painted for like 10 hours today! Whew, got a lot done!

Here's a close up of her slippers; see what I did on the puffy things on her slippers! So fun to paint.

Here is the updated Madden painting for my friend, Tiffany. The monkeys will have light brown faces and bellies when they are completely done.

The bedding and decals can be scene by clicking on the words. It's gonna be so cute when it's done.

I just want to say that the bedding pics and Tinkerbell belong to other people and only the paintings were made my me using their designs as inspiration.

Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting my business for almost 4 years now. October will be one year and I'm going to have a big party on here with a lot of giveaways! Tell your friends to stop by and become a follower.

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