Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of Pocket...

I feel so badly that I have not posted in 2 weeks! Things have been hectic around here-multiple birthdays, a yard sale, and 2 weddings! The good news is, I did get the Eagles paintings out on time and here was what they looked like when they were finished:

Oh, did I mention that one of the above-mentioned weddings was mine? Here are a few pictures from the very peaceful and blessed day. We went to Destin for a friend's wedding the weekend of the 16th and we just decided that after 8 years together, this was right for us. We have been planning to get married for several years, but job changes, etc... (life) happened and the wedding got put on the back burner. Anyways, to sum it all up, we FINALLY did it! It was so wonderful and simple, yet very meaningful.

Anyways, married life has been great so far and we are happy to have finally made it official!

Now, back to business...I've got a few paintings that are in the design stages and I have been trying to get going on them, but it's like I've hit the brick wall of painting. I will get back in the swing of things here soon, so you will see some more pics asap.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kayleigh Anne Has Gone Home

Please send your prayers up for the Freeman family and all those that have been touched by Kayleigh Anne. On May 11th God called this sweet angel home to Him. She is finally not suffering any longer. Her parents posted such a sweet and extremely faithful message despite their loss. This family has so openly and honestly shared their baby girl with us and it has changed my life forever. It really has made me really appreciate my blessings and shown me such a strong faith in God. Thank you, Freeman family, for allowing us all to be blessed by your sweet angel. You will continue to be in my prayers for a very long time. God Bless.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I LOVE These Jungle Paintings!

Here is the one I promised to show by tomorrow, but I received a very kind email from the recipient today, so I know it's safe to post it now. These are so fun to make! How cute is that bedding!!?? This one is for a nursery that will be for when the grandchildren come stay with their "Lovie"; isn't that such a great idea!! Thanks "B" and "J" for your order and thanks "Lovie" for the very sweet email. I hope you all and everyone had a great Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Friend is Nominated for the Military Motherhood Award...and DESERVES to Win!

My good blogging friend, Linda, has been in the military for well over a decade and all the while has been building and supporting a beautiful and tight-knit family. She is an awesome Christian woman, mother, and wife and has triumphed over many, many struggles and heartaches, to say the least. Please follow the directions below to read the letter that her friend wrote to nominate her. It is truly inspiring for everyone. It moved me to tears. She has made it to the final 20 nominees! She truly is deserving and I'm sure could use the $5000 prize, since her husband is being deployed pretty much as I type this. You will need to register on their web site using your e-mail address. Log into your e-mail accept their terms and then log back in to the site. Then you'll be able to vote. Select Linda at the bottom (you'll see vote for Linda.) After you vote for her, it should say your vote for Linda has been cast. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Support My Friend's New Business!

Click on the link button above to check out some of the cutest items for babies and children you have ever seen! My friend, Kristin, is just getting her business going, but I know she has been working on launching her shop for a while, so go on over and check it out. She is a mom of 3 beautiful girls and has some great inspiration. She has been super-supportive of my business and my blog and I just wanted to show my appreciation!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I PROMISE I Have Been Painting!

I know I haven't posted many new pictures of paintings here lately, but I have, in fact, been painting. I have one that I will be able to post safely next Monday. It's a Mother's Day present and that's about all I can say, but I can't wait to show you all.

To tide you over, here are a few paintings that I have been working on. Some are brand new orders and others are for people that have been patiently waiting while I try to "perfect" their art. These are all either done or pretty much done and I will be in contact about getting them to you very soon (some even today). I've been hesitant about posting these because most are for gifts, but I don't think any of the recipients are readers of my blog.

Also, A sincere 'Thank You' goes out to all of these people, actually, for allowing me to use their art to show at the Nolensville Women's Show as well. By the way, I didn't sell anything, but I did make new friends and did some great networking. I also got quite a bit of productive painting done while at the show!

So, here you go... (remember to sign up for an email update or check back Monday for the other piece I just shipped out this past Monday)

Last, I am also about to start working on the painting for the winner of the raffle over at Giving Back to Guatemala. The winner wants it for her daughter who rides horses and she has some great ideas, so check back for that as well.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PLEASE Pray for Kayleigh

I heard from Kelly's Korner blog that Kayleigh is not doing well. I read about this story initially from a fundraiser that LeeLou was hosting. Kayleigh was born about 10 months ago at 1 pound and has been in the NICU all her little life. I went to Kayleigh's blog and read the last several posts and they are needing some major prayer. The doctors have told them that Kayleigh is brain dead. Her poor mother and father are having to start considering planning a funeral for their sweet baby girl. I just cried and cried as I read the story. They are very strong believers and know she will be in Heaven, but I can only imagine what they are going through. I am a believer too, but I'm not sure I could take it. They continue to remain positive and are so thankful for the time they have spent with their precious baby girl. How amazing God is that He is holding them and Kayleigh in His arms right now. Please pray for this entire family and all those lives that Kayleigh has touched. She truly is a miracle. God put her here for a reason and she touched so many lives in such a short time. God Bless you beautiful baby girl. I am going to hold and kiss my baby now.