Friday, May 8, 2009

My Friend is Nominated for the Military Motherhood Award...and DESERVES to Win!

My good blogging friend, Linda, has been in the military for well over a decade and all the while has been building and supporting a beautiful and tight-knit family. She is an awesome Christian woman, mother, and wife and has triumphed over many, many struggles and heartaches, to say the least. Please follow the directions below to read the letter that her friend wrote to nominate her. It is truly inspiring for everyone. It moved me to tears. She has made it to the final 20 nominees! She truly is deserving and I'm sure could use the $5000 prize, since her husband is being deployed pretty much as I type this. You will need to register on their web site using your e-mail address. Log into your e-mail accept their terms and then log back in to the site. Then you'll be able to vote. Select Linda at the bottom (you'll see vote for Linda.) After you vote for her, it should say your vote for Linda has been cast. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


Kristin said...

I cast my vote. Thanks for letting us know about it.....she is very deserving and I hope she wins. What an awesome and inspiring lady! I love NILMDTS too, so I thought that was neat that she is involved with that.

Our Family Blog said...

Thank you Melissa! So I will tell you the funny story about, "What if I win - what would I do with the money!" My husband of course would want me to be practice and pay it to something like the car or put it in savings. I think that is a stupid idea!!! LOL I plan to pay it forward in some fun exciting ways. I made a list of people I want to do things for. Have you ever done a study on spiritaul gifts? Well I have and let me tell you - something that moves me to the Heaven's is doing things for people. I love giving, like not just a little but a lot. My husband some times gets mad at me when I do things for people. It's instinctive though. I realize everything in moderation but in this case how fun to be able to select so many deserving people and help them with something even on a small level. My son Elijah has the same disorder! He tells me he's going to be a doctor, an NFL player and be in the Marine Corp, so that should give him lots of money and he wants to rent appartments for homeless people and help them get jobs. How sweet is that? He says, I don't need a fancy house and all. So with all my jobs I should have enough money to do that right? I learned long ago from my Grandmother that money was made to be spent! I don't know if she's right or not but Gramps is 94 and she's 88 and they are happy, healthy and full of live so she did something right. She still lives in her little 3 br 3 bath house and walks to the grocery store every day and occasionally starbuck's if she's feelin' froggy! Ok, I seriously just typed a book, what's up with that...I never do that.