About My Paintings

My paintings are all done in acrylic paint on gallery canvas (wrapped edges). I have painted on a canvas as small as 4x4 and as large as 30x40, but have painted 2 "murals" as well. My most popular canvas size is a 16x20 and is usually in the Tailored Line designed to match a bedding. I have 5 basic options of design that include the Tiny, Traditional, Tailored, Triple (Multiple), and Tremendous Lines. These lines are typically defined by the size of the canvas and the prices increase, generally, by the size of the canvas. My paintings are all hand-painted and custom-designed for the specific customer's needs. First I try to get an idea of what the budget for the painting is and if it is for an occasion such as a baby shower. Next, I get pictures or a link to what the bedding, if applicable, and colors for the room look like. With the help of the customer we decide on a canvas style (square, rectangle, or circular) and size, basic design and colors, font, and anything additional they want added such as a scripture or stitching. From there I draw out the design, run it by the customer, and get started by priming the background of the painting usually in white. As I create the painting, I am in constant communication with the customer through pictures and emails to make sure it is going in the direction they envisioned. Last, I varnish every painting with either a Matte or Glossy finish to protect the painting and make it last for years to come. (Continue to "About My Causes" page)