Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Excited!

Ok, a good friend suggested I read a book called I Just Like to Make Things and she let me borrow it for a bit. It is a pretty great book with some valuable resources by Lilla Rogers. She is an artist turned agent, primarily, and complied this kinda go-to book for various types of artists to find out how to really get their items out there. The best part of the book is the interviews she did with various companies about how they get their art, how to submit art, and what they are looking for in an artist and their art. I wound up submitting art to two places; Galison for paper goods and gift markets and Wild Apple for wall decor. I also contacted a lady through Twitter who works for Family Fun magazine. Whether I get a call or not, I still feel pretty good about writing up my artist statement, following through, and just kind of putting it out there further than local stores. Who knows?? Maybe I'll get a response...Thanks Jenn for the encouragement!

Oooohh...on another note, The Market in Smyrna closed where we at Faithful Strokes had our second studio so we are a bit sad on a couple levels, but the silver lining is I was able to purchase some cool stuff; 3 huge cubby shelves and a very cool giant IKEA dandelion light fixture. See pics! 

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