Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preslee's Story and Song

I did a re-post a day or two ago of an email that Gina over at Dang Gina sent me about Preslee. I had made a note that I tried to go the the blog and was not able to get on. I went there today and read this tragic yet amazing story about the loss and love of this precious little girl and her family as well as all those that have been affected by this story. This little girl fell into a canal and was rescued by a stranger. She held on to life in the hospital for a week and a half until she was called to her Heavenly Father on 7/16/2010. As I read this story I thought of my own son who is 3 and how in the blink of an eye he could not be here anymore and I just cried. Since I started doing this blog I have read many stories of people that have lost children and in each one while there is such pain there is amazing hope and faith in God and Jesus Christ. Please pray for this family as well as all those that have lost children in this world. May they each find peace in God His word and promise. You can read their family story before and since this tragic accident at You can click on the link below to hear the song Molly Swank wrote about Preslee; she was inspired by a post that Preslee's father, Patrick, wrote on the blog. You can download the song for a donation of $1 that will go towards helping the family with hospital expenses. Thank you!

Preslee's Song

Brooklyn's Bears

My friend had her baby in July and sent me this picture today. I can't say enough how much I love getting pics of the room and painting hung up. I love the way they did this too with the shelves and paintings diagonal from each other. The little statuettes are so cute as well with their little bows in the bears' hair! I'm so glad she shared this with me! Thanks Amanda!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ahoy Mate! (Surprise for Ian Nickolas!)

Here is the one I have been waiting on to post. The baby shower was just this past Saturday out in California and it was a HUGE surprise! I loved this playfulness of this bedding and especially the whale! I have painted nautical themes and palm trees and monkeys, but never got the chance to paint a I did! He was so cute hanging around down there at the bottom of the painting! Anyways, my friend who ordered it for her friend said the recipient "looooved it", so that's good!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help Preslee's Family (Re-post from Dang Gina)


I don't know how many of you know little Preslee's Story, but it has touched me in a way that I will NEVER be able to explain. Preslee is a sweet angel, who recently rejoined her Heavenly Father. Her family is now not only facing life without her for a the rest of this mortal experience, but they are now facing extreme financial burden. To help alleviate this, Molly Swank wrote a BEAUTIFUL song about this sweet little girl for her parents, and they are offering a download of the song for just $1 to help the family. Of course if you can, any amount over a $1 is GREAT!
To help donate and to read the Sullenger family's story, go HERE

Their blog is

Thank you so much for reading this, and thank you in advance to any of you who can help Pat and Ashley.

Dang Gina Giveaways


I tried going over to the
blog, but was not able to get on there. It may have been busy or it may have been my computer, but please go check out this story and help in any way you can. I know times are tough right now, but this family is suffering on so many levels. May God be with them at this so desperate time.

I See Cupcakes...

Yes, I know this is a weird title for a post, but the first picture reminds me of a box of cupcakes. It's like one of those ink blot pictures (with color) and I immediately see sweets! I probably would see food/sweets in those ink blot pictures too! I'll just admit it now, as a side note, I LOVE food and especially sweet stuff like cupcakes! Ok, I digress. Anyways, here are the preliminary pics of the painting for Jonathan to match the Baby Boy Blue Dot bedding. I wanted to do something different, but since the bedding was only dots, it really only made sense to go with that theme, right??!! So, I am going to white out the center with a transparent white and create a "border" with the blue and have brown squares on the corners (like in the background of the bedding picture). Then I have decided on a nice, but classic font that will be boyish, but not too babyish so the painting can grow with him. I'll have more pics soon!