Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preslee's Story and Song

I did a re-post a day or two ago of an email that Gina over at Dang Gina sent me about Preslee. I had made a note that I tried to go the the blog and was not able to get on. I went there today and read this tragic yet amazing story about the loss and love of this precious little girl and her family as well as all those that have been affected by this story. This little girl fell into a canal and was rescued by a stranger. She held on to life in the hospital for a week and a half until she was called to her Heavenly Father on 7/16/2010. As I read this story I thought of my own son who is 3 and how in the blink of an eye he could not be here anymore and I just cried. Since I started doing this blog I have read many stories of people that have lost children and in each one while there is such pain there is amazing hope and faith in God and Jesus Christ. Please pray for this family as well as all those that have lost children in this world. May they each find peace in God His word and promise. You can read their family story before and since this tragic accident at You can click on the link below to hear the song Molly Swank wrote about Preslee; she was inspired by a post that Preslee's father, Patrick, wrote on the blog. You can download the song for a donation of $1 that will go towards helping the family with hospital expenses. Thank you!

Preslee's Song

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