About My Business

In actuality, Initial Designs doesn't even make enough money to be called a business, but for lack of a better word, we'll call it that for now. Initial Designs started when I decided to create a website through Comcast. When Comcast decided you needed to be able to write html to have a website, I decided a blog was the best way to go. Anyways, when I created the business I had sold 2 paintings to 2 friends, but wanted to see if anyone else was interested. One of the next paintings I was commissioned for was my aunt's 3 piece set that said "Sams' Game Room" and another one that said "Live Laugh Love". This was a great opportunity to really test my talent because the canvases were large, 12x36, and the lettering had to be consistent from one to the next. They turned out pretty good and I got a couple referrals from people seeing those. I participated in a few expos and sold a piece here and there, but most of my business comes from word of mouth or networking through the blog world. (Continue to "About My Paintings" page)