About Me

I am a 30 year old mother of one son named Preston born in May 2007. My world, including why I paint, revolves around him. I started drawing as a child and despite never having any formal training, decided to pick up a paint brush when we bought our house in 2004. I started out painting on a plastic chair (as an easel) in the dim garage. My signature drawing was always a fruit bowl, so I painted that first and (surprisingly) sold that to a lady I worked with for $50. From there I just tried some still life, abstract, and landscape pieces, but none of them were very good. I started looking around on the Internet at what other "artists" were doing and tried my hand at some lettering when I made a painting/sign for my business. I found that I had a knack for the lettering although my first pieces weren't all that much better than the others. I asked my friends with children if I could use their child's name and see what their bedding looked like to get some practice. A few friends/family members started seeing some of my work and actually asked me to do paintings for them, so at that time I created my blog to see if I could drum up some additional business. (Continue to the "About the Business" page)