Monday, April 26, 2010

3 Down and 4 to Go/Spring Fling Outcome

So, I got 3 paintings delivered this weekend. I cleaned them all up and got them to my cousin. Two are for a friend of hers; remember the Aubrey one? That one was a surprise for a baby shower and then when the owner received it, she wanted 2 more, hence the Hailey one that looks like the Aubrey one and then the Carson one for her son. The Lucas one was for another baby shower my cousin was going to and here is a pic of the proud mama receiving it. I decided since the front was so straight and neat, it needed some whimsy, so I painted the alphabet all whimsical around the edge.

So, here's the "4 to go" part and update/outcome of the Spring Fling that was hosted by the ladies at Chic Chick Media. Somehow I only got to give away a prize on to two of their blogs; Today's Creative Blog and Tip Junkie. I was supposed to give one away on all 4 blogs and have one in the grand prize as well, but I am not sure what happened. Anyways, the winners were Brandy in Texas and Sarah B. who is also in Texas. The jungle-themed one below is started for Sarah, but it will be sent to her nephew, Romeo, who is turning one next month in Michigan. Brandy's is also in the works. She is having a baby boy in about 6-7 weeks and wants an announcement painting. I had never heard of these, but it is such a cute idea. It will actually have a larger canvas up top connected by ribbon to a smaller canvas hanging below it that will feature information about the new baby like date and time born as well as height and weight. She can use them together or disconnect them later. The larger, top canvas will match his nursery decor which will be cowboy themed. I am working on the design now, but I am thinking either a star or a spur for the "border" of the name. By the way, his name is Liam McGregor; how cute! I am also working on a scripture painting for my friend Angelica in California and another scripture painting for my softball coach! Well, I'll be back soon with more pics and updates. I've still got to finish the Brooklyn one and get that posted as well. I have some secret paintings to go along with that one that I will post after my friend's shower on May 15th. By, by for now.

Oh wait, I wanted to say go over to The BlogFrog and join my community over there. Thanks to all my new followers on FB, BlogFrog, and here!! You guys rock and there will be a contest coming up exclusively for you guys. No jumping thru hoops or anything; just something special for my followers! More to come soon...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ummmm...Frostings....(2nd Installment of Feature Fun!)


"Creating Tomorrow's Heirlooms"

I know why Natasha Vaughn, owner/designer of Frostings named her business what it is...after checking out her site thoroughly, this jewelry is sweet and is the icing on the cake! I met her briefly at a consignment sale where we were both vendors and she contacted me about doing a feature about me and I was stoked and wanted to do the same for her; she's super deserving! She is a stay at home mom of 2 and fell in love with hand stamped jewelry shortly after her husband lost his job of 15+ years. Since he was working construction and their income was cut severely she decided to do some research about how these items were made and it kind of snowballed from there. She says she really enjoys the creative process and loves going to craft shows and meeting people. She also says nothing makes her happier than a follower of her blog or a former mail order customer coming to her booth and introducing themselves to her. "It always takes me back for a second and it is so humbling," she adds.

Here are some of her beautiful pieces:

She does rings...

Her necklaces are awesome. There are some custom pieces done on dog tags or even guitar pick shapes. She does 2-5 disc pieces so moms can have their childrens' names on each. She offers cool copper squares as well. I love the "Who I Am" piece where there is a heart against the disc and you can say who you are on it in your own words in your choice of 3 fonts!

Here are a few pieces from the Inspired Collection:

This one is Proverbs 31:28 with a silver washer circle and capped beads in the center, but you can opt for a disc in the center as well with a name such a mom, mother, etc...

This one is called Love Never Fails and has the 3 disc with Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love Never Fails on it.

I absolutely love this one! It is called Fight Like a Girl and is in remembrance for those with breast cancer.

This one is Bird in the Hand and features 2 domed discs, one is textured like a nest, with cultured pearls and a blue stone hiding inside.

She also offers wonderful bracelets.

Check out all her places and follow her for some special offers. FB fans can always get 10% off, but right now she is offering a Mother's Day special, so go to her FB fan page and check it out.

Her website has so much more to offer that I didn't get to cover and she welcomes any and all ideas for your custom order. She does pendants with stick figure families that are adorable as well as mini monograms. Her prices are great for gifts for family, friends, or just something special for yourself. So go check it all out at the info below. Last, you can see on her site where all she will be around town if you want to see some of her stuff in person!

>> Website and blog:
>> Etsy Shop:
>> Facebook:
>> Twitter:
>> email:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Fling...over $10,000 in prizes to given away!!!

Ok, so this is BIG!!! This coming Tuesday, April 13th from 5am to 8pm, the Chic Chick Media girls (Tip Junkie, Today's Creative Blog, SITS girls (The Secret is in the Sauce), and Skip to my Lou) are hosting a HUGE day of giveaways to promote their new communities over on TheBlogFrog. 4 prizes will be given away every hour on each of the 4 blogs/sites I listed above. So, go join each of their communities on TheBlogFrog; it's SUPER easy! Click on the link and just search each of them OR look over to the left hand side on the main page and they are all in "The Hot Communities".

Over $10,000 in prizes will be given away and it will be EASY to win! To get the party started they are already giving things away. Don’t miss out on all the free stuff!

So, GO get some FREE stuff!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Painting Lessons Anyone?

So after a few inquiries as well as some discussion with a fellow Childrens' Ministry volunteer that is an elementary art teacher as well as my friend that does some mommy-and-me Spanish classes, I am going to start offering painting/art classes for individuals, groups, children, young adults, and adults. Art is not focused on very much in the schools/community in relation to other activities yet it can offer a stress-relieving and fun outlet for children and adults alike. It is a teachable skill and is helpful in developing the creative side of your brain. I haven't really made a concrete price list as of yet, but here are my ideas:

SINGLE SESSION ADULT/TEENAGER(1.5 hrs)/PAINTING OF YOUR CHOICE ON A CANVAS UP TO 16X20 (landscape, still life, abstract, lettering) $60*






*All supplies will be provided: canvas, acrylic/watercolor paint, brushes, smocks, and anything else that will be needed; you will take home finished art project(s)

GENERAL INFO: While do have a BSBA from Aquinas, I am NOT professionally trained in art. My art lessons stem from what I have gleaned from being an artist for 25 years and a painter for 6 years as well as attending some independent art sessions offered through art supply stores. In addition to just creating a painting, other lessons will be taught while paintings are in progress such as color mixing, brush types and usage, determining canvas and paint quality, protecting and caring for tools and paintings, using painting tools/techniques, painting circles/lines, etc... Please feel free to ask any questions; I am open to and welcome any suggestions. There are many sizes and style of canvas as well as hundreds of art techniques; some I know and some I do not, but we can always try anything. Longer lessons/larger canvases are available for an additional fee and more difficult ideas can be shown such a damask painting. All paintings will not be finished in one session, so the customer may feel free to paint from home or purchase additional sessions. Payment will be due in full via PayPal prior to any lessons. I can invoice you (you do not have to be a member) and you can pay using any check or credit card. I am also available for parties of any kind (bachelorette, birthday, etc...) and can also offer face painting and face painting lessons; please inquire about pricing. I can come to your home or you can come to mine for individual sessions, but for groups a place will be determined at the time of purchase based on the number in the group.

Thank you and I hope you will inquire about painting lessons.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Feature Fun!!!! StaceyKDesigns

Today I am so very excited to do my first official feature! I have mentioned a couple of my friends that have businesses like sWAGgles and Summer Suzette Couture who I plan to ask both if I can do a full feature of them including some info about them, etc...

Anyways, I just recently "met" Stacey through FB, but she is a friend of my aunt's as well. Her story was so similar to mine, it just struck a chord and I just had to talk to her. She is a self-taught artist in beading/jewelry/accessory making. Stacey has been making jewelry for about 8 years, but pretty seriously for the past 2 years and hopes to do it as a living in the future. She drove over the road with her husband as I road over the road with a friend many years back. As I was looking at her website, yesterday and today, I just fell in love with all her designs. She hand-makes, unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry, book markers, lanyards, key chains, eyeglass holders, and even ornaments! Go by her StaceyKDesigns FB Fan Page and show her the love!

Here are a few bracelets that I adore!

Just look at these gorgeous necklaces!!

And now, these oh-so-cute and classy earrings!

And here is an example of one of her awesome book markers...I have got to get me some of these.

You've got to check out her website to see all the amazing jewelry and accessories. I just loved all the unique names she has for all her jewelry as well; it helps you to remember what you want to buy and describes the items to a tee. Also, the website is easy to navigate and offers many pictures of each item as well as a thorough description of the item. In addition to the beautiful products, she has great prices, so these are perfect for gifts for any occasion and she even welcomes special requests!! I have "spoken" to Stacey several times now through FB and she is a very kind person and humble artist. Go check her out!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

HAPPY EASTER and Picture Updates

I just posted this one again because I like painting on the diagonal so it can be hung different ways.

This one is to match a "Pooh" room, but we wanted the painting to be able to grow with the child into a big boy room as well.

This TSU one is for a good friend. The lettering is shifted a bit to the right because the tiger will be creeping up over the left side of the lettering. Then, down below the TSU there will be the word "tigers" in a funky-cool cursive in orange. I'm hoping I can do it because of the texture of the canvas bag. I'll have more pics soon.

Have a HAPPY EASTER everyone. God has blessed me tremendously and I hope your blessings are abundant as well. God is so good! He is RISEN!! :)


One of my very best friends has started her own business recently and to help her kick it off right, go by her Facebook page and become a fan!! sWAGgles offers some super cute apparel for our fine furry friends. Her stuff is adorable, but still functional and she makes each piece custom for your animal's needs and to match their animality (personality for animals). She had me do this painting for a little booth she is going to set up here in Nashville pretty soon. So, go check out her great stuff and buy handmade!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Expo/Consignment Outcome (Catchy title, I know)

So, the expo/consignment sale wasn't a huge hit, BUT (and that's a big but) I did sell a few Southern Living at HOME items, hand out several catalogs, and gave away LOTS of business cards, so I hope it will be successful in the long run. I did make a few bucks from the consignment sale itself and got some great clothes for Preston! Last, but definitely not least, I got an email from Natasha over at Frostings asking if she could do a little feature about me; it may be today or next Friday. Here's her button; she has some beautiful jewelry! Go check it out!


Speaking of jewelry, I got this great bracelet (below) from Susan Nokes at I didn't get her permission to link to her, so I hope she doesn't mind. Go check out both of their wonderful jewelry. They both hand-make their stuff and have great prices as well.