Monday, April 26, 2010

3 Down and 4 to Go/Spring Fling Outcome

So, I got 3 paintings delivered this weekend. I cleaned them all up and got them to my cousin. Two are for a friend of hers; remember the Aubrey one? That one was a surprise for a baby shower and then when the owner received it, she wanted 2 more, hence the Hailey one that looks like the Aubrey one and then the Carson one for her son. The Lucas one was for another baby shower my cousin was going to and here is a pic of the proud mama receiving it. I decided since the front was so straight and neat, it needed some whimsy, so I painted the alphabet all whimsical around the edge.

So, here's the "4 to go" part and update/outcome of the Spring Fling that was hosted by the ladies at Chic Chick Media. Somehow I only got to give away a prize on to two of their blogs; Today's Creative Blog and Tip Junkie. I was supposed to give one away on all 4 blogs and have one in the grand prize as well, but I am not sure what happened. Anyways, the winners were Brandy in Texas and Sarah B. who is also in Texas. The jungle-themed one below is started for Sarah, but it will be sent to her nephew, Romeo, who is turning one next month in Michigan. Brandy's is also in the works. She is having a baby boy in about 6-7 weeks and wants an announcement painting. I had never heard of these, but it is such a cute idea. It will actually have a larger canvas up top connected by ribbon to a smaller canvas hanging below it that will feature information about the new baby like date and time born as well as height and weight. She can use them together or disconnect them later. The larger, top canvas will match his nursery decor which will be cowboy themed. I am working on the design now, but I am thinking either a star or a spur for the "border" of the name. By the way, his name is Liam McGregor; how cute! I am also working on a scripture painting for my friend Angelica in California and another scripture painting for my softball coach! Well, I'll be back soon with more pics and updates. I've still got to finish the Brooklyn one and get that posted as well. I have some secret paintings to go along with that one that I will post after my friend's shower on May 15th. By, by for now.

Oh wait, I wanted to say go over to The BlogFrog and join my community over there. Thanks to all my new followers on FB, BlogFrog, and here!! You guys rock and there will be a contest coming up exclusively for you guys. No jumping thru hoops or anything; just something special for my followers! More to come soon...

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