Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God Bless all the Flood Victims and their Families as well as all the First Responders, Rescuers, and Volunteers in Tennessee and the Surrounding Area

From now until the end of July (and maybe beyond), 25% of any profits from paintings/lessons, etc...will be donated to the American Red Cross in Tennessee to aid in assisting flood ravaged areas of Tennessee. Please pray for all those affected by the 500 year flood Tennessee, as well as many surrounding states, experienced this past weekend. Not only have people lost their homes, belongings, and vehicles, many lives have been lost in this very tragic event. Many, many of those affected did not have flood insurance because they were no where near the 100 year flood plain, so please pray that whoever can help will help. So far, there have been no reports of looting, etc... because so many have pulled together to help their fellow neighbors. Thanks you all for your prayers and I will give a update at the end of each of the upcoming months to tell you how much has been donated as well as report anything else we can do to help those in great need.

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