Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"God Bless Cowboys"

Here are some VERY preliminary pics of the 2nd winner's painting from the Spring Fling hosted by Chic Chik Media last month. Liam McGregor Simmons is set to be born on June 17th. I really debated for a while whether to do a spur or a sheriff-type star for the background, but after studying the decor pic Brandy sent me, I decided to go with the regular star. I really tried to make it have some dimension and texture as her stars do in the pic. Also, I wanted the painting to look worn/distressed like the decor so it wasn't all new and shiny looking next to all the great, rustic decor they have chosen. I really like the way it's coming along. It still needs a lot of work, but it's getting there. I went with the font similar to the one on the "God Bless Cowboys" sign they have, but really liked a two-toned lettering I saw; what do you guys think about that part? Well, I've got to add some boots around the star and name and have some cool ones picked out. Also, we are doing a cross on the smaller painting and I have the design of the cross ready. I designed the cross to be simplistic and classic, but also added a little bit of a cowboy flair to the edges similar to the end of the "T" on the "Heart of the West" sign they have. I have distressed the back of that canvas as well so that it matches, but can be used separately as well. Tell me what you all think of these ideas...I will be back very soon with more pics.

Some decor that will be in the room.

This is the sheet they are going with; I love the rustic colors to match the great decor.

Here is what I have come up with so far.

There is the smaller canvas that will hang below the larger one from some coordinating ribbon. This smaller canvas will feature the cross I mentioned earlier and also have areas to list the baby's date and time born as well as height and weight.

Here's a brighter picture!

Hope you all enjoyed these...be back soon with more!

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