Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liam McGregor Simmons and more to come!!

So, here is this one that is an "Announcement Canvas." When it is completely finished, it will be connected to the other smaller canvas with ribbon and they will hang it on the hospital door since they will be there for a few days. Then, they can take it home and either keep them together or separate them! The cross looks a little "gothic" in the pic, but it looks more cowboy-ish in person. I wanted to do 4 different boots in the corners of the larger one, but there just wasn't room, so I went with some ropes and lassos from the decor pics they sent me. Don't worry, the background is supposed to look worn/distressed! It looks pretty cool in person. Hope you all like it!

Next, I'll be doing one that says "cheer up Charlie" in place of the Willy Wonka writing. The canvas will resemble this ticket itself. This one should turn out so cute. I love the bright colors and candy!

After that (or maybe at the same time), I'll be doing one to match this bedding. A good friend of mine wants something whimsical for her daughter, Maggie. She sent me some great pictures with lots of flowers and butterflies. Both were really cute and abstract; that will be fun to paint. Stay tuned for more pics of new art!!

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