Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Horizon...

Good morning everone...(all 3 of you, LOL!!!)

Here is a pic of a pic b/c my USB port is broken on my laptop of a 12x8 FOOT garage door I am painting a beach mural's not done yet, but will be soon and I will have good pics!

This is one I'm starting for a very good friend; may as well be family. Nikki, at Smyrna Beauty Bar, did my hair and as a thank you I am doing a painting for above her booth. It will be cool when it's done. A lil zebra print here and there, some whited out area in the middle, some cool saying...

This is my new haircut thanks to Nikki!!! :) Soooo very happy!

Here's a pic of my baby boy who just started pre-K. So sweet and such a blessing. I love my baby boy so very much. Thank you, God, for his life. car...that's all I gotta say 'bout that!

Painting I am working on for a friend...this will be done soon and will have more fun monkeys.

Here's a 3-piece set I have been working on for a while and actually stared over on...they will be done soon.

Ok, so I will be back very soon with more pics...

I'm planning on having a contest to see who can get the most # of friend/family referals over to my FB and Blog site soon...back with details. There will be a GOOD prize!

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