Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Done and ...NOT Done (yet)...Installment #2 (Updated pics added!!!!)

Ok, here is the Deuteronomy 31:8 painting for my friend in Santa Ana, CA finished. I cleaned up the lettering and border, varnished it, and sent it off yesterday. Thanks, again, Angelica, for letting me use the other 2 paintings for my expo WAY back! Sorry this took so long to get to you!

Here is a very preliminary pic of the painting that will be in the Willy Wonka gold ticket style. The colors in the bedroom will be a "mint truffle" (mint green) and light blue, so I have softened the colors from the original picture I was given. I took several pics because the flash on a camera makes the colors wash out and if you don't use the flash the picture is foggy. I loved painting the bubbles and the candies! computer froze up while I was doing this post and I didn't get back in here to restart, this is how the painting looks now. I worked on it for a while yesterday and just loved it sooo much that I almost finished it! I've got to clean up the lettering a bit and do something to really make it "pop", but that's about it! Feelin' good! I'm about to go work on another one that I started the other day! I'll post pics soon!

Soon I will be starting a painting for THIS bedding and I am SOOOO excited!!


HappyascanB said...

Love the verse! And I really really love the Willy Wonka painting! So very cute!!!

alicia said...

You are so talented.

Angelica said...

Love the Willy Wonka painting!

Thank you so much Melissa! I received it on Friday and it is now housed above the closet...where I have maternity shots and two of my kids hand prints. I love it! I've been laying in bed and I look up and read it over and over!

It confirms my faith in Him who can do anything.

Thank you also for the card!