Monday, June 7, 2010

Done and...NOT Done (yet)

Here is a final pic of the announcement canvas for Liam McGregor Simmons; I am about to go ship it in a little bit. I went with a strip of burlap-looking canvas for the top hanger and a dark brown ribbon for the canvas attachments. Can't wait to see it with all the baby's info!

Also, here is a VERY preliminary pic of a painting I am doing for a friend's daughter, Maggie. All the stems to the flowers are missing, which will fill in a lot of that empty space at the bottom. Also there will be some great butterflies and her name in the upper left area that is open in a ribbon-type cursive.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. I'm about to start two other paintings as well; one is a cool black and white pattern and the one I mentioned like Willy Wonka's ticket, so stay tuned!

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HappyascanB said...

I always love seeing paintings in progress from you! It amazes me how you do what you do!

Love the finished product of Liam's, too! That's good looking!