Monday, November 9, 2009

Give Thanks

Last night and this morning I had a canvas design in mind, so I got up early and painted this. The paint is actually still wet, that's why I took the picture from an angle. I also want to do a set of three 5x5 inch paintings with leaves on them with give thanks over one of the leaves. This is supposed to have the distressed, woodsy look that's why the letters and the border are actually both dark brown and a cream color. I will be selling these on 11x14's for $22 and the set of three that I will post this afternoon for $30 for the set (the smaller canvases cost more, go figure??). Remember, while my giveaway is going on, I am offering a 15% discount as well. So, let me know what you think about these and if anyone wants either Thanksgiving/Fall painting/set.

I love this time of year with the holidays and all the beautiful leaves falling down around us. I like this painting because it reminds me to be thankful and appreciative for all God has blessed me with. My grandpa as well as my aunt are both in very poor health and I am thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with them all my life and here recently. I pray for them and our entire family as the holiday season approaches. I am also thankful for all of you-my friends and family-for all your support and encouragement of me and my business. Without you all I would have not pursued my dreams. Thank you!

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