Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok, Change of Plans...

So, this morning I had a big idea to do a 3 piece set of 5x5's in addition to the "Give Thanks" painting. I went to look at canvas today and decided to get a 9 pack of 6x6's. I am posting a picture of the beginnings of a set that will say FALL (one letter on each canvas). I chose to paint each canvas a different shade of brown all the way to white. I still think I am going to do a leaf on each one, but I am not positive. I've gotten the backgrounds painted, so I will have time to think about exactly what I want to do to each one of them. These sets will now have to be $35-$40 due to the larger canvas size and having a 4 piece set instead of 3. I will also have to see how long it takes me to finish them. I thought about doing a Holiday set that would include a canvas for each major holiday, but where does one start/stop with that??!! I thought about just doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years, but right before that is Halloween and right after is Valentine's and Easter??!! So, back to just the FALL idea, but I do plan on offering a set at Christmas. Any interest in something like this as of now? I like them just plain with the grades of color!! LOL!! ;)


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