Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taking Some Initiative

Ok, so I thought I could just sit back and relax, maybe do an expo here and there, email a friend, etc...and my business would eventually take off, but no, it's been slow going. I've been trying just to pay my dues and be patient, but now I am taking some additional measures to promote my business! Today I created a Facebook page for my business and even designed an ad! I'm hoping to get this puppy in gear. I've always worried that if I had too much business that painting would feel like work and then I wouldn't be able to be creative, but I've realized, I paint better under pressure. So, if we are friends on Facebook, please become a fan. If you are a follower on here, remember to sign up for emails when I post as well (in the upper left hand corner of the blog). If you're feeling froggy, tell a friend about me. I'll give you both a 10% discount for referring a friend. Also, I am going to diversify. I am going to start having seasonal sets and special line that remembers friends and family we've lost, people in the military, and mostly spiritual paintings and products. Next, I plan on adding some additional lines that include possibly painting on different backgrounds such as wood or in different media such a watercolor/oil, etc... If you don't see if on here and want it (which has always been my way) let me know and I'll try it! I want to be the place to go to get hand-painted, unique, and custom art for every occasion or non-occasion, for that matter!

Thanks so much to all of you who have thus far supported me and my business with your supportive words, orders, and kindness! You all are amazing and were put in my life by God and keep me going!


Kristin said...

I think it is so awesome how you are promoting your business. You do awesome work! I'm going to order something, I just have to get my Christmas list together and figure out who needs what :) I'll get back to you on it. I will go find you on facebook!

HappyascanB said...

I say Go Girl!!! I love the initiative. I'm going to find your page on FB!!!!