Friday, October 24, 2008

Support Mom-preneurs this Holiday Season!

What is a mom-preneur you ask? Well, click on the enclosed link button to see an enormous list of mom-preneurs and you'll get the idea! Well, okay, I'll go ahead and explain...a mom-preneur is a mother who helps support their family by making handmade items. Laurie over at Tip Junkie has compiled a great list of women in blog land who are mom-preneurs and is encouraging the support of these women during holiday shopping. I think it is a great idea and have emailed Laurie to try to get on the list. When you are shopping for Christmas or really for any gift, don't you always want to find something great that is unique yet affordable? The answer is HANDMADE!!!! I love to be able to paint art for children's rooms and other items to assist in my staying at home with Preston. It's like the perfect combination-doing what you love to stay with the one you love most! So, go out there and support these women and, in turn, help support their families!

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