Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My First...

...order for a painting from someone I have never met and who is also from out of state. She came to my blog from LeeLou (my new blog friend that I got my great blog design(s) from). We have talked back and forth by email and she is a very sweet person and she wanted to order a painting for her sister who is 7 months pregnant. Here is a preliminary picture of the painting and a picture of the bedding from JC Penney called Pink Paisley Splash. You can barely see the in cursive "E" in the background that still needs to be painted. I was just so excited, I had to do a post! I really like this bedding and the colors. She also emailed me pictures of the nursery and they are incorporating a dotty caterpillar theme which is very cute, so the polka dots coordinate very well actually. More pictures will follow soon.

On a separate, but somewhat related note, I finally signed up with PayPal so I can actually take credit/debit cards now and bank information for paintings. I got motivated from the above order. It's very cool actually; I just create an invoice at PayPal and email it to the customer and they can pay right through a link in the email without even having to be a PayPal member. I'm feeling kind of legitimate now!


Lanie said...

Congratulations on your first order! I found you through Lee Lous blog (I use her backgrounds too). I just wanted to tell you I love your work and to cheer you on from one newbie to another.


Jennifer Fleming said...

I love this design!!!