Monday, October 13, 2008

"Driving" Me Crazy!

Ok, so here is a painting that I had been working on for the past week for a little boy I keep that turned 4 yesterday. The reason for the title of the post is...I tried time and time again to get the sports car on the painting to look like a Corvette. He LOVES cars and it was only appropriate for his painting to contain them. I thought, ok cool, this will be fun. I drew out the Escalade from a toy car and it turned out pretty good from the get go. The Corvette (also drawn from a toy car), on the other hand, started out looking like a Fiero then changed to a Probe and then after about 3 more drawings and many adjustments after I painted it on, finally looks like a sportscar, but not exactly like a Corvette. I think I didn't have enough space for it there, so I was doomed from the beginning. Also, maybe I should have looked at larger pictures instead of Matchbox cars. Anyhow, his mom said they both loved it and that's all that matters, right?!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, This painting was awsome!! It does look like a Corvette! My family and I were amazed at just how great it looked..I couldn't have done it!! Thank you so much! We will definatly be buying some more from you!