Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Pics!

Here is the painting from the last post-it is not quite finished, but you can get the idea from this one. The dots that touch the edges wrap around-that is what the 2nd two pictures are... I need to do a few more coats on the "E" and then clean it up around the edges and then off to be varnished!

Also, here is a similar painting for my niece, Kaysie-actually twin nieces, Kaysie and Ellie-the "E" with the pink and brown polka dots will be for her. I've got to do the same steps as above to finish this one up, but this is almost what it will look like; I think I will extend the front of the bottom of the "K" a little bit. Their birthday is this weekend on Saturday-they turn the big ONE! They are adorable! I added a pic of one of them (they are identical and I didn't have one of the other one by herself).

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Rach said...

cute! Love those pink and green colors.