Friday, October 24, 2008

Gift Certificates Now Available!

After thinking about the last few posts, I figured introducing the availability of Gift Certificates would be appropriate. A gift certificate from Initial Designs is unique and thoughtful yet the person can still choose exactly what they want. You can order and pay online without stepping out the door and I will send the gift certificate to you or directly to your loved one. I know all too well that with the economy being in a crunch that everyone is trying to shop early while still trying to find special and affordable gifts. A custom, hand-painted piece of letter/name art is perfect for anyone for any occasion; birthday, baby shower, or even a wedding. I can do almost anything to match any style, decor, or bedding. Gift certificates are available starting at $20 and going up increments of $5. I am personally designing the gift certificates and will post a picture soon. Call me for details about a discount for gift certificate purchases-I can explain it better in person.


Rach said...

Great idea---you'll definitely use them!

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful. I am really impressed with all the different ways you have incorporated it into many areas of art. Sheila Sass

Rozz said...

Appreciate your sharing one of your creations with us.