Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Walk to Remember

To participate in Wednesday's Walk, click on the link above and then write about a memory you never want to forget's mine:

I never, ever want to forget the day David Preston was born into my life. (I'm tearing up already) I had been in mild (pre)labor for roughly 48 hours trying to wait until my scheduled induction on Thursday, May 31st, 2007 at 6am. So, I made it through the labor pains and finally got hooked up to all of the machines, etc...The pitocin is kickin' in and then they come to do the epidural. They ask if a student can do it. I'm like, okay, I understand they need to practice at some point. So, it didn't take the first time and they had to do it again. No biggie, right? They come to do my cathader (spelling??) and ask if a student can do it. What the hey, right? He ultimately had success with the epidural. Wrong! I won't go into details, but this hurt more than the labor itself and they were not able to try again. After many hours I am not progressing any. They figured out that they had not drained my bladder (sorry, TMI). So, once they did the baby was about to come immediately. I pushed for about 40 minutes and then there he was. All that happened that day was completely gone from my mind as I held this beautiful baby boy in my arms and just cried and cried tears of pure joy. It was an unimaginable and immediate love that I can't ever fully explain. At that moment, I knew the kind of love God feels for us each and every day. I try to hold those few moments of peace and pure joy close in my heart-I felt so close to God for those few moments. I know women have babies all around the world everyday, but life is truly a miracle from God-each time it happens. All my really little baby pics of him are on discs in the safe, but here is one the day we dedicated him to the Lord-peeking over Grandpa's shoulder!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh, you're so right - the moment that little life is in front of your face - all of the pain and anxiety just disappear! I feel so much compassion for women who never get to experience that. :( (But I know that God's grace is sufficient for each and every circumstance).

Thank you for sharing your birth experience and your tender, motherly love. It was a joy to read about your little David Preston.

Have a lovely day.

Abigail Kraft said...

Seeing the joy in a mother's eyes right after she gives birth to a little sweetie is one of my favoite things on earth. It is some of the purest love left to mankind and my heart just swells every time I witness it. David is absolutely adorable! Praise God for your little blessing! :)

In His arms,

Kristin said...

I completely know what you mean! Giving birth was just the greatest thing that I've ever done! Preston is precious!

Tanya said...

I always am so overwhelmed with love when I look into my baby's face for the first time. It is just amazing, all the pain is forgotten. I have often been heard to say, I would do that all over again! :)

Lynette said...

What a sweet little boy! Worth all the pain endured!