Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok, the Wait is Over!

For those friends that were excited to see how these turned out, you're in luck because I was too! I put the rush on them! Really though, I worked on the lettering last night and then the kids napped for me pretty good today, so I got quite a bit done. I wasn't even sure about the placement of the scriptures and Linda left it up to me and said surprise her. I was thinking of writing it over the letter or down below, but at the last minute, putting the writing around the edge popped into my head. I can't take credit for it though, I have a picture in my back bathroom that has a scripture going around the edge. So, tell me what you think! These scriptures are very close to Linda's heart for her boys and I was so blessed to have met her and done them. I really feel that it is a God story. He has been pushing me to do some art that glorifies Him and then Linda's request came along and you guys have also been interested in them! By the way, her angel's names are Ethan, Elijah, and Mason.


Davis Family Blog said...

OK, I'm not a cry baby really I'm not!

But these pictures seem awfully blurry right now - don't know why?

:) They are perfect and beautiful and the Lord truly spoke to you because I said yesterday I think they would look beautiful with the scripture wrapped around the outside. I just didn't tell you because I thought that was to much work - and I thought you would only want to put the verse.

All that aside what a gift!!! Thank you girly!

Kristin said...

I just absolutely love them! They are perfect. I think I would love to have something similar. I will try to think of what I would like and I will let you know!

I think this should definitely be your specialty, like your signature piece. I am still trying to think of something to honor Him with my business too. I love these with the scriptures. They're just beautiful!

melissa said...

It was such a blessing to do these. I never really stressed, I just knew they were going to turn out beautifully from the start. Not because of my ability, but becasue God had a hand in it! Thank you, both, for your kind comments. Linda I hope you enjoy them for many years to come!

Peris said...

These are lovely. How much would one of these cost with a scripture we request and a last intial...????Thanks so much. You are very talented. perissimpson@yahoo.com