Monday, January 12, 2009

It's All Business...Updates, New Art, and A Piece for Sale!

So, here is the set of 3 hanging up in my friend's gorgeous new home! I got to go over and see them myself and not just in pictures and I was happy to see that she is enjoying them.

Now, the next piece of art is what we had originally attepted to do to go over her bed instead of the set of 3. So, instead of just abandoning this like I had wanted to, I pushed through and got it to a point where people could see it. It is not completely finished; I would probably paint the white dividing lines another cool shade of brown and then varnish it, of course. This is a 30x40x1.5 inch canvas, so it is very nice for over a bed or couch. If anyone is interested, let me know.

The next piece was suppoed to be a Christmas present for my uncle and his garage. When I say garage, I mean huge, high-tech, and even clean; I like to hang out there! I did the Sams' Game Room paintings for their pool table room previously. The drawings to the right and left of the lettering are an El Camino and a BMW motorcycle which he owns and adores. This should be finished in the next few weeks.

Last and certainly not least, I am working on a 3 piece set for my friend from high school and his wonderful wife. They have an adorable baby, Olivia, and are wanting to incorporate a beautiful olive branch and ladybugs. Below is a very preliminary picture of the larger piece-a 16x20. We are also doing 2 6x6's with ladybugs to match. I think this will turn out very cute. I just had a few problems getting the red I wanted that would match the sage color and be a ladybug red, but I think I have got it now. More pics will come soon.


Rach said...

Ok can I just say that the flowers/leaves, etc are DEFINITELY your nack. Seriously, both those pieces {set of 3 and the 1} look awesome! Great job!

Iowa Birdie said...

How much for the large canvas? Really pretty!