Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeehaw! CRC and 'Yeehaw' are Almost Done!

Here are the two previous pieces I referred to...I still need to do some "cleaning up" of some edges of the letters, do a few details, and varnish them, but for the most part, they are complete! To be more specific, 'Yeehaw' will look like a rope at the end! I get somewhat stressed when I am doing paintings because I want them to be JUST RIGHT! I really want the owners of the new pieces to love them, not just think they are okay. Anyhow, I did decide to go with 'Yeehaw' on the one instead of 'Giddy Up'. I thought that 'Giddy Up' would look better, but it turns out I was wrong; 'Yeehaw' looked much better! I will post final pics when they are completely complete (hehe he he), but I was so excited, I had to post something. Anyone who actually reads my blog, please comment! I must mention that the linking 'CRC' design is not originally mine; my friend asked for it to be the same way it was on her shower invitation and announcements.

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Rach said...

Like the new blog design! These cowboy designs are too cute!!