Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sneek Peeks for the Cowboy Designs

So here are the initial pictures for the two paintings I mentioned the the last post. On the "gingham"-looking one, I plan to white out a space in the middle and either rope it off or do some barb wire and then the initials CRC in the middle because they have more of a rodeo theme. On the other, they are going for more of a classic/Pottery Barnish theme, but still cute, so I think I will attempt to do the lettering itself in the form of a rope and she wants it to say "Giddy Up" or "Yeehaw". I think "Giddy Up" looks better in the font. By the way, the colors around the edge of the second one are barn red, deep blue, golden yellow, and burnt sienna-it's hard to tell in the picture. The colors wrap around the edge, respectively. Hopefully I will have these finished by the end of the week and will have more pics.

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