Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm So Excited!!

So, I emailed a lot of my friends and told them all to check out my new blog design that I got from a great place for FREE and it was SOOO easy. Well, after I uploaded and tried a few of her designs on my blog, I left her a comment about how great that was of her and how wonderful her designs are! She emailed me back and is such a nice person! Check out her new designs at the link above and don't forget to put a button on your blog to give her credit for the design. I just got this great new leaves one for the fall. Love it!

On another note of excitement, I am working on a painting for her as well as another friend's adorable baby boy and, ironically, they both have cowboy-type themes. So cute! I'll have some pics to show soon. I have actually started and finished a piece for each of them, but they are ROUGH drafts!! I do mean rough! So no peeks! Sorry...I'll have something to show soon because I do pretty much have the design down now.

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