Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paintings for Baby Jayla

These are for a gift for a baby shower, so if anyone reads this and knows Angie and John DON"T tell them!!! PLEASE!!! I just wanted to post these while they are in progress too. I need to have these finished by Sunday for the shower. (I've got a lot of painting to do-I should be painting instead of posting) I really only think one person reads by blog anyhow. (Thanks, Rach) I love the bedding they picked-Love Bug by Carter's-so cute! My plan is to do the name on the one with the wavy frame and then do some flowers/lady bugs/butterflies from the pattern on the the other, but I may need to do it opposite now that I think about it-yeah. Ok, I think as I blog...Oh, well...I'll have updates on these soon as well since I need to finish them too.

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Rach said...

oooh I like those colors. hee hee and yep I think opposite would look great just because all the dots plus the ladybugs, etc might be alot and I think the name will look CUTE on that one!