Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Psalm 139:14

So, on a side note, I have recently recommitted to reading the Bible everyday and am going by a "schedule" in the back of my bible to read it in a year. Right now I am drawing a card from my bible breadbox that a friend gave me and then reading some from Luke, Genesis, and Psalms. Each day the two breadbox scriptures have gone along so very well with the scriptures my bible outlines. It truly is a testament to this re-commitment I have made to God and to his word. I have been praying a lot about what God's purpose is for me and wanting to become the person he set apart for me to be. So, to sum it up, I got this order recently and she is a wonderfully kind Christian woman who is completely devoted to God and her children. BTW, she came over through my friend Kristin who I could say the exact thing about. So, I know God brought us together, but she also wanted this scripture on the two smaller paintings. I did not know this scripture before, but it has quickly become a favorite of mine. These paintings need another coat on the lettering, but God made us perfectly and wonderfully the first time around and I feel so good knowing that. I thank God for bringing Angelica and Kristin into my life!


Kristin said...

Awwww....you are so sweet, Melissa! You know we could say the same about you too!! :)

That is my absolute favorite verse ever! Love those!!

Angelica said...

I just read this post Melissa. Thank you...you are precious. And I love the paintings.

I love this verse...I love it! I pray it over my kids and right now specifically over my Eli. Not sure if you've read my last post...he is going to be evaluated by a team of doctors in two weeks...he isn't talking and does not respond to his name...but I know...without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord formed him in my womb and he is perfect!

Have a blessed day my sister!