Monday, March 15, 2010

More Orders!!! ...and More Fun Stuff on the Way!

After almost 2 and a half long years, my business may finally be taking off...or maybe I am just reaping the rewards of many people having babies!! Either way, thanks be to God for His many blessings and thank you all for your referrals to friends or posting on your blog about my art, etc... I really appreciate it! Ok, so here's what all is going on right now... 4 Paintings for a friend that came over to my blog from Kristin at These Little Girls of Mine. Here are the two sets of bedding she found at Kohl's to coordinate since the children are sharing a big kid room are adorable! There are two 12x24 inch paintings and two 6x6x1.5 inch paintings to match these. I just found some super cute new fonts that I have never tried before to go on each; I'll have some pics soon!

Jumping Beans Kitten Bedding CoordinatesJumping Beans Safari Bedding Coordinates

Next, I am doing a 8x16 inch painting for a friend of mine over in Knoxville, TN for her new business that she is launching called "sWAGgles". She is making some super cute accessories for our fine furry friends. I'll have more pics of this one and more info on her business soon!

In addition to those 5, I have two 10x10 inch ones for Hailey and Carson. Hailey's will be like the one I did for Aubrey and Carson's will be a combination of the one I did for Ryan and the font from Cade. I've also got a 12x16 that I am working on that is a surprise, so I will say it will be similar to the one I did for Caleb Jordan with the R in the middle. Next, I am working on a 16x20 inch for my friend for her daughter that is due in the next few months, Brooklyn. I did a rodeo one for her son a couple years back. Here is the bedding for Brooklyn:

Last, my cousin's cousin (yes, I live in Tennessee) works at a salon here in Smyrna and I may get to do a painting for the girls over at The Beauty Bar. Their logo is cool; it's a martini glass that has some scissors and a comb (I think) sticking out it! I'm pretty sure this is a go, but I've got to make sure and then I will have some details.

Anyways, I hope you all are as excited as I am about all this upcoming business. I listed it all out so I will have a place to look back as well! LOL!! You will get to see some pics pretty soon of all of this because I am participating as a vendor at a consignment at the Middle Tennessee Christian School on Sat, March 27th from 8-2. If you are local, come on out and see me and get some great deals!

Hope you all have a great day!

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Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, I totally somehow missed this post and had to come see what "Swaggles" was all about. I love those pictures you did for Angelica to match the bedding!!! Those are perfect!!