Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Feast" Your Eyes on These...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would finally come back and post some new pics as I said I would OVER A MONTH AGO!! Aren't I sweet...LOL!! No, really though, I am thankful for each and every one of you that reads, follows, supports, comments on, blog. I love you all!! Here are the pics I promised the the last post. I have been working on paintings, but have VERY limited Internet access here lately and have a VERY slow computer when I do get to use it! I am blessed, though, so I really CANNOT complain!

Here is the one for my aunt..needs a bit of cleaning up, but almost done.

Here is the 3 piece abstract set for my friend-still need A LOT of work, so I'll have more pics of this one some time in the next century!

The next two are the wooden plaques for my friend from high school. These still need the lettering and then the plain ones will have a few jungle animals. So cute!

This one is for one of the winners of my BOOST contest way back in the summer...we decided to go a different direction than the star that you saw before.

Anyways, everyone have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!! I hope to be back soon with more pics, but I won't promise when! :) Maybe then I will get back sooner than later. (Everytime I type "than" I am questioning if I should be putting "then"...maybe I should just quit blogging...NO WAY!!)

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Kristin said...

LOL about the "then/than" thing....I do the same thing. Ha! Love all your paintings you've been working on. I love the animal stripe ones :) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!