Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"One Week"...hah, It's been a month!

Ok, so exactly one month ago I said I'd be back within a week with an updated picture of Jonathan's painting! If anyone out there still reads this blog, you may be wondering if I fell off the face of the earth!? I'm still here, just been crazy as I am sure everyone else can relate to, right!!

Anyways, here is the final picture of Jonathan's painting which I FINALLY delivered to Jennifer here in Tennessee last Sunday. She was very kind and patient. Her sister actually won the painting several months ago and just (back in July) cashed it in for her sister when she had her son.

Now, I promise I have been working on other paintings in the meantime. Mostly just purchasing canvas, paint, wood plaques, etc...but getting ready to get started on several, so here we go...

1. This is for Cindi who was one of the two winners of my "BOOST" giveaway also back in July. This is a very preliminary pic. There will be a few simple angels "flying"around the star in white robes/dresses with wings that resemble the design of the star. Then above the star will say, "Welcome to" and below the star will say, "Our Home." Hopefully... I can get this done within the week or this weekend, but I do have to work the rest of the week and Saturday, so we'll see...fingers crossed!

2. I purchased 6 wooden wall plaques tonight that I will start soon for CORBIN that will match this adorable bedding for a friend from high school. CONGRATS, Amanda!

3. I have already started on the background for a 12x36 inch painting for my aunt that will say "THE" to go in her game room. It will go with this previously done set.

4. I have purchased 2 12x16's and a 16x20 for a three piece abstract set I am doing for my friend Stephanie to match her bedding.

5. I have another 12x36 inch that I will be starting soon for my softball coach, Weeza, that will have the scripture "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" in burgandy and tan.

6. Jessica, I haven't forgotten about you as the 2nd BOOST giveaway winner. You still have an unlimited amount of time to pick the design for your 16x20.

So, here is what I have going and hope to have some pics of some more paintings VERY soon.

If the wooden plaques are a hit I may start offering those as a line of work. They were relatively inexpensive and offer a new way to have some fun with lettering. They will run about $12.50 each as of now. I will have to see how much work they take, though, to reach a final price.

Hope you all are doing well...I have missed blogging this past month...it FLEW by!! God Bless!

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