Thursday, October 29, 2009

Painting, Painting, Painting...

So, I have actually gotten quite a bit of painting done in the past few days. I mentioned a giveaway and review that Gina at will be doing in the near future. This is the preliminary picture of the background of the painting and the font I chose to do the name in. The middle of the painting will be "whited out" where you can still see the background somewhat, but will create a "frame" for the name in the center. I will also put some sea turtles in the middle area as well. I absolutely love these bright, beachy colors!

This next painting is one I am doing as a gift for a good friend of mine that just had a baby a little over a week ago. I absolutely love this name. I know it is not an unheard-of name, but it's so unique and beautiful in it's own right. She just told me she likes pinks and purples and left the rest up to me. I know she is a very spiritual person, so I decided to add four scriptures that talk about hope around the edges. I noticed that the paint was not dry when I took this picture, but this is very preliminary anyhow. Please excuse my poor picture-taking skills.

Last, this one will have the name Ariana in the middle. This is also a gift for a another good friend that just had a baby a few weeks ago. I love the name Ariana and her bedding is the Carter's Love Bug bedding that I have already matched before for the nursery in the 2nd picture. I wanted to do something drastically different for this family, so I went with the darker color for the background, but I plan on whiting out the middle here, but it will be completely white. Then, I will paint the name with a lady bug and butterfly or flowers in the middle. It think this is going to turn out very cute.

I love having so many different paintings going at one time. It really helps you to not get "tired eyes" or get bored with looking at one painting. When you start getting towards the end of the painting, you get to the tedious, very detailed, small brush painting, but this is when it's really fun!


Kristin said...

I just love the look of the dark brown one with the polka dots! That's so adorable!!

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