Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super Excited!

Ok, a good friend suggested I read a book called I Just Like to Make Things and she let me borrow it for a bit. It is a pretty great book with some valuable resources by Lilla Rogers. She is an artist turned agent, primarily, and complied this kinda go-to book for various types of artists to find out how to really get their items out there. The best part of the book is the interviews she did with various companies about how they get their art, how to submit art, and what they are looking for in an artist and their art. I wound up submitting art to two places; Galison for paper goods and gift markets and Wild Apple for wall decor. I also contacted a lady through Twitter who works for Family Fun magazine. Whether I get a call or not, I still feel pretty good about writing up my artist statement, following through, and just kind of putting it out there further than local stores. Who knows?? Maybe I'll get a response...Thanks Jenn for the encouragement!

Oooohh...on another note, The Market in Smyrna closed where we at Faithful Strokes had our second studio so we are a bit sad on a couple levels, but the silver lining is I was able to purchase some cool stuff; 3 huge cubby shelves and a very cool giant IKEA dandelion light fixture. See pics! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Who's Ready for Spring and Warmer Weather!

I know I sure am...late February in TN, we start expecting some mid 50's, but for a week now we have been cooped up inside because a relentless layer of thick ice and now more on top of it tonight as I type! I did get a little productive painting done for upcoming Easter classes at Faithful Strokes and some beginning ideas for summer camps.

These two grids were some I had left over from the previous year and Christmas. Let me know if you are interested in any of them.

New, original swirly cross design with chevron background; completely customizable!

Here were my new designs for Faithful Strokes for the Valentine's/end of winter season this year

Here's a remake of the popular 'I Will Praise You in this Storm" We do plan on having a new, fresh line of scriptural/representative art COMING SOON!

Here is one I love for the simplicity in the foreground, yet intricacy in the background.

Three piece set of black and whites with burnt orange umbrella.

Original chevron painting with an encouraging quote from a friend.

Original painting of a beach sunset.

Cute family tree idea a customer saw on Pintrest.

Well, these are just a few of the paintings I've done since I posted several pieces back in Februrary! Where does the time go! Here's one of my sweet boys...growing up and getting awards at school!

I did get to go to Winter Jam this year again which was amazing!!

Posting all this, although very random and just trying to play catch up, it makes me feel really blessed. I get to stay home most of the time to be with Colton and available to go to school related stuff with Preston. Then I get to teach art for Faithful Strokes while getting to do custom work on the side. The Lord has tremendously and perfectly provided this year and continues to amaze me. I felt a little bummed when I got on here because I was behind and haven't had as many orders as I had hoped, but going through my pics made me realize, I really have been uniquely blessed by the Lord in every area of my life. Just because my life is not just like someone else's or they have more "success", etc doesn't mean I'm not exactly where the Lord wants me. Plus, no one has the exact blessing I do and, for that, I am thankful. God bless you all. I am thankful for you as well!