Monday, December 29, 2014

Wow! It's Almost Been a Year!

What a whirlwind year I have had; raising a baby into a toddler really prevents you from doing stuff that kind of gets put on the back burner like updating your blog. I have continually updated the website though. This blog was really kind of serving in that capacity until I finally built/designed a decent website. Still, I shouldn't neglect my blog completely!

In February, Colton was dedicated to the Lord and that was such a special time for us as a family.

 In early Spring we got to go an a weekend vacation with just my husband, myself and the boys. They are my little angels and mean the world to me. It was a wonderful time for family and relaxation!

Next came Colton and Preston's birthdays which were a blast. Anytime you can get together with friends and family it's a blessing.Summer was busy with fun parties at Faithful Strokes. Anna and Elsa and other great summer camps will keep you laughing and on your toes!

Later in early fall we were able to go visit my great uncle Tommy and his daughter and grandchildren in Pensacola. That was a nice time because she was just about to have her third baby and was off work so we got to visit quite a bit.

October got to be a little hairy and sad with the unexpected loss of our last cat.Our sweet Cocker Spaniel passed in Feb 2014 and Kitty Monster on the lower right passed in Summer of 2013.

We did get another kitty, "Angel" is a blessing to us and our family, She helped the transition to be a little smoother.

Other fun stuff in 2014 is getting healthy by doing Piyo in the park.

I also got to share my cardboard testimony!

Christmas was a nice end to the year. Spending time with family and making meaningful memories was the best part.

I pray you have had a wonderful and blessed 2014 and I wish you a Happy New year in 2015!

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