Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Been on Baby Hiatus!!

Ok, since I had the baby back in late April, things have been going really well for my family as well as my business. Still designing, assisting and teaching for Faithful Strokes; primarily in the studio located inside The Market in Smyrna, TN. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching art!! Next, I have gotten a good opportunity to be the exclusive artist in O Baby! 3D/4D Ultrasound, Spa, and Boutique and have completed one wall piece for them and have plans to paint their logo above the gender reveal party window in a week or so. Last, any day now an article about me and my business as well as ad will be coming out in Community Homes and Gardens of Rutherford County Magazine!! In between all this great big news, the Lord is still delivering  each and every day in the small ways!! I love my God! Here are some pics to update you:

Got to paint on a fondant cake for a wedding!! Whooo...fun!!

All the following pictures/paintings have been delivered to customers since May. :)

These next ones have all gone to OBaby! Ultrasound, Spa and Boutique in Mutrfreesboeo, TN including my new Birth Announcement line and Embellished canvases.

These next ones are from my photo shoot for the piece in the magazine!!

These are custom design examples to match bedding around town in The Market in Smyrna or Simply Southern Marketplace in Murfreesboro, TN

This one is in Mattress Plus in Smyrna, TN
Faithful Strokes Designs

Keep your eyes pealed for more good stuff to come!!

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