Wednesday, October 24, 2012

God Paved the Way

Ok, so about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago was the last day of working my actual "job". I was a little worried about quitting my job because I have pretty much worked since I was 15, but I really felt God leading me to get out of that stressful situation and take a leap of faith; so I did! The moment I gave my notice a little over a month ago, I felt an immediate peace. So, the Monday after my last day I went about the plan I had devised to get my art business going again. I am still assisting, teaching, and designing at Faithful Strokes part time, but I was going to get Initial Designs really going again! So, I got new business cards made...

Next, I went out to every baby/children's boutique I could think of, but as I went I felt God leading me to some places I hadn't even planned go to or even thought about; gift shops, photography studios, furnishing stores, and even some fabric stores. He really paved the way because as I went people were amazingly kind, encouraging, and helpful. I received much favor as I went along. I will definetely have pieces in Simply Southern Unique Furnishings, Shacklett's Photography, and Bella Vista at Home all on or around the square in Murfreesboro, TN. Thank the Lord!  So below are some of the examples I have made that will be in these places. Some of these are already there and others need a bit more refining, but will be up for display very soon. I hope if you live in the Murfreesboro area you will check out these places because they are all awesome. Simply Southern just opened and will be having their open house on November 17th. They are sweet ladies with some great home decor plus a lot more. Shacklett's has been in business doing amazing photos for over 75 years! Last, but certainly not least is Cathy and Agnes over at Bella Vista at Home. These two ladies are so kind and talented! They have beautiful fabric and are amazing at sewn creations! Please check all them out on FB as well if you're not local.  

Please stay tuned for new pictures! I am working on another one as we "speak"!

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