Monday, November 21, 2011

Gettin' It Done

Here are some paintings that I have been working on that are almost done. I got quite a bit of good painting done last night.

This one still needs another layer on the name and it will have some fun monkeys.

Jayla's is practically done. It's all cleaned up, but I think I am going to re-do the nose and then varnish.

This is for Jayla's baby sister, Aubrey, who took over her Love Bug room. This one need a bit of cleaning up on the edges, but is pretty much done.

This 3 piece set of damask swirls for my friend, Stephanie, for her new office at Fifth Third Bank here in Smyrna. I cleaned up the swirls last night with the cream color. Now, I just need to go back with the black and Clean them up a bit more and refine it a bit.
Should be back with some more pics here soon. Got several other paintings that I am about to get started on as well. God Bless!

So Thankful for Faithful Strokes

I am so blessed to Have met Lisa Butler, owner and artist of Faithful Strokes, about 2 years ago when I went to her studio to paint for a wedding shower. I spoke to her back then about my art business and she said if she ever expanded she would be in touch. Recently Faithful Strokes expanded from one store in Murfreesboro to a second store in Smyrna. She and I emailed back and forth and she asked me to assist with instructing some classes. I started going to some of her classes about a month ago. Had my trial run this past Wednesday with some friends and then my first class this past Saturday as an instructor. Things are going so well. I really feel like I fit in well there with Lisa and Lori, the other instructor. Thank you to the ladies at Faithful Strokes and Leslie, with Shine Ettiquette, for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. Check out for more information. They offer many different painting classes for adults and children. You do the painting along with the instructor and leave with your painting that day. You can have parties of all kinds there as well.

My trial run with friends on Wednesday, November 16th. Thanks to all those that participated; their paintings were awesome.

My first actual class with a church group on Saturday, November 19th. It went really well and all the ladies' paintings turned out great.This painting is the one I chose for my first class and it's a design of Lisa's called Merry Christmas Darling. I love this painting!This is a painting I went in and done with Lisa. Beautiful fall scene!This is a beautiful cross design of Lisa's that I went in and practiced with her and a class a few weeks ago.

I hope you all will go check out and check out all her designs and, if you are local, come visit a class. It has been awesome being a part of this awesome place.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun at Faithful Strokes

I wanted to tell you all about Faithful Strokes in Murfreesboro, TN. Lisa Butler is the artist there and designer of these two paintings. I painted these along with her and had a blast. Check out to see all her designs and sign up for a fun class with friends, family or co-workers. She does paintings for birthday parties, showers, team-building, children and much more. Host your next event with her and do something fun and different. You will walk out with a painting of your own that night to keep or give as a gift. Go check it out!