Friday, March 27, 2009

Lookie What I Got by Email...

These pictures are from my blogging buddy, Linda, in Colorado. She had me design these three pieces for her sons, but to also match her Willow Trees. This is her amazing mantel! I was so blessed when I received these pictures today because I know how much her Willow Trees mean to her and to be a part of that just touched my heart like I cannot even explain. Go read her blog and her story of pain and loss, but also, and more importantly, her great faith and love despite it all. Thank you so much, Linda, you have become such a wonderful friend and helped my spirit to grow tremendously.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few Finished Pieces...Finally!!!!!

Here is the finished Preston in the jungle painting for Emma-this will go out at the end of this week. She has so graciously allowed me to use the painting as a demonstration in an expo-type thing I am participating in this coming weekend. Emma was such a pleasure to work with and I hope her friend enjoys the painting.

This is a painting I posted a while ago because the customer, a friend of mine, decided to go a different direction in the room that this particular painting was going to go in. However, after this one was finished, she decided she wanted this one for another place in the house. She had a great idea to paint the edges the chocolate brown color, so we did it and it looks great. She took it home today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting to Know You hosted by Lynnette Kraft

Click on the title of this post or the above picture to get info and to participate in this fun activity that can help you find more blog friends as well as bring more readers to your blog. It's a Win/Win!!

Help Kayleigh!!!!!!!!

I have placed a button on the upper right hand corner of my blog that links to a raffle being held to assist the family of Kayleigh. Kayleigh has been in the NICU for over 8 months and this is being held to try to relieve some of the financial strain of that stay. The great thing you donate and help the family, you can choose from three packages worth between $541 up to $800 that you could win. You get to see what all is in the packages (a custom painting by me is in package 2) and choose the one that would be best for you. There are also chances to get additional tickets based on the amount you donate. It really is for a great cause, so go on over and read about Kayleigh and her family and donate what you can. I know it is a hard time for everyone right now, but this family needs to be able to focus on their little baby getting well and not on financial stress right now. Thanks to you all who go over and help out! (I understand if you cannot as well).