Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winner of the Giveaway!

I only had 11 comments so it was very easy to just make numbers and draw one; the winner is....drumroll, please...commenter #4 and someone who just happens to have become a good bloggin friend of mine...LINDA!! She is such a sweet and sincerely kind-hearted woman despite all she has been through in her life. She is an inspiration to me and I am honored to get to do a(nother) piece of art for her.

Thanks to all those to participated and I promise I will do another giveaway here soon. Also, I really do appreciate all the nice comments and everyone posting about my giveaway on their respective blogs.


Kristin said...

Congrats Linda!! I can't wait to see what you paint for her, Melissa!

Veronica said...

So excited for Linda! I love her! She's like another mom to me!

Congrats, Linda!

Linda said...

Ok that is CRAZY!!! I never win I'll have to give it some thought and let you know what I would like to do. You know me Melissa...I want to give it let me put my thinkin' cap on! So fun blessin' makes me gitty inside! :)

Linda said...

Ok that was easy. I immediatly thought of Ainsley. Ainsley Lynett, is a precious 4 year old little girl from my church family who was very recently diagnosed with leukemia. I've e-mailed Melissa and I just know Melissa will just love doing this canvas!