Friday, November 14, 2008

"Inspired to Give-a-way WINNERS!!!

I officially ended the giveaway at 12 noon central time and there were 117 comments! I used the random number generator at and the winner of the $50 piece of art is Marilyn Moseley in Texas and the winner of the $30 piece of art is Sara Palmetia all the way in Helsinki, Finland. I will be emailing them today. I appreciate all those that left kind comments and stopped by to check out my blog-THANK YOU ALL! I mentioned this in the post yesterday, but I will say it again. As a thank you, if you left a comment in the Inspired to Give-a-way post, you are eligible for a 15% discount on orders placed before December 15th (before shipping is added).

I'm the Queen of Hearts...or at least I feel like it!

I have drawn sooooo many hearts this week...I feel like a teenager again. I think that is when I drew the most hearts. Here are pictures of the sides of Chloe's painting with the "skewed hearts with tails" that I mentioned previously. I hope it doesn't make the painting look too busy, but I actually like the little hearts. They are two colors-the dark and light pink that is on the front in the polka-dots, although it is hard to tell in the picture. This one still needs some cleaning up around the edges of the letters and circles, a few more coats on the colors, varnished, and then off to Jess and Chloe! I hope they like it! I did show Jess and in her words she said she, "loves loves loves it!" That makes me so happy when people say that because you just want it to be exactly what they hoped for, ya know?!

By the way, the Giveaway is later today!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give-a-Way Tomorrow!

Ok, so here are the details for tomorrow's drawing. I am going to generate a random number that will coordinate with the comment numbers on the post labeled "Inspired to Giveaway" tomorrow at roughly 12 noon Central time. I will post the winner and email that person if they left me an address. If we get to 100 comments by tomorrow at the time of the drawing, I will chose 2 numbers and giveaway 2 pieces of art, although the 2nd number will get a piece valued at $30. Now, not everyone left me their email address in their comment, so if I cannot reach the person(s) within a week, I will draw another name next Friday at noon and so on and so forth (I love that little phrase, but have never used it). Again, if the person wants something that would be more than the value of the painting they win, they can apply the $50 or $30, respectively, to the larger piece or it can be given as a gift and I will give you a gift card.

These are examples of the $50 and $30 pieces of art. See pricing guide down the left side of the blog for details on sizes of canvas.

***Here's a little something I have added since not everyone can win. If you have left/leave a comment on that post before the end of the giveaway tomorrow, whether you win or not, you are eligible for a discount on orders placed before December 15th. The discount is 15% off your order before shipping. This will not apply to Gift Certificates, but refer to the post about gift certificates for a deal on those.***

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Just LOVE the Name Chloe!

This is the piece I am doing for the winner I referred to in the previous post "Updates on Giveaways Elsewhere." Silverhartgirl a.k.a Jess has a daughter, Chloe, that is 10 years old and we are designing the 5x5x1 inch painting for her. They looked at my blog together and they both liked the pink and brown polka dots, but like most 10 year old girls, Chloe loves hearts and "draws them on everything." So, it took me about a week to decide how to incorporate the two although they gave me pretty much free reign. I was going to do hearts on the front, but I figured she may grow out of those in a few years and may still like polka dots. So, I am doing the polka dots on the front and some cute, kind of swirly hearts along the great 1 inch sides. The hearts I have chosen are kind of skewed a little and then have a "tail" that circles around, kind of like a kite. Yeah, I know, that sounds a little crazy, but it will be cute when it is finished. So, here is what I have done so far. I really like that she can hang it diagonally or horizontally or sit it either way as well, but she will need a little plate holder or something to sit it diagonally. What are you guys thinking about this?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on Give-a-ways Elsewhere...

So, I mentioned that I was going to be giving away a 5x5x1 inch painting over at this week....well, it happened back on Monday. Sorry for not telling you all beforehand, but it did get some pretty good response and the winner was silverhartgirl. Congrats to her! The good news is, I plan to do another giveaway over there in a few weeks and I'll give you all a better heads-up so you can go participate. Even before then, go over and check out Liz's blog because she really does give something away everyday and everyone has a good chance at winning!

Second, I mentioned how I am a major TipJunkie and I am participating in Laurie's Mom-preneur Shop-a-Thon (follow the link to the upper left of my blog; I'm under "Art Prints"). She is also hosting several contests/giveaways over the next few months and has asked for some sponsors. I have offered a painting so keep checking over there for that and to win some other great stuff! She is having 4 wonderful opportunities between now and January. Remember to support mom-preneurs and also get to shop from home. Also, alot of the mom-merchants are offering a discount to Tip Junkies as well, so keep an eye open for that!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Official...I'm a Mom-preneur!

Laurie, over at Tip Junkie, had such a great response to her Mom-preneur Shop-A-Thon that she had to totally re-design her shopping area! I am now offically a part of the shop-a-thon, so go check it out and support mom-preneurs everywhere. I am under "Art Prints". Click on the link at the top of my blog on the left.